10 DIY Christening Party Decorating Ideas

Good morning girls!

As you asked, today I will show you the details of the decor of the baptism party of Lucca with all information.

Lucca was very yummy isn’t it?! The look was of Gabi of Mother’s dream Space. I’m tired of talking about her here, as a baby, she still sells all layette and customized outfit. Until the christening towel I ordered with it and became perfection. The Locket of the guardian angel was gift from my grandmother who passed away a short time ago, so it was the most special gift and will be with us forever!

Returning to the decoration, this time, I would run a little bit of baby blue and chose the green water to give color to the party.

How I love a party, I was not sure where I could buy a piece or two for these occasions, and buy everything white, so I ended up saving with the rental which, by the way, is pretty much the

10 DIY Christening Party Decorating Ideas

purchase price of the item. So, for moms party, here is the hint: buy or just rent a couple of wildcards and items that are differentiated and colorful eventually to give certain bossa to the decoration.

I bought mine basically on the internet, and also in a shop here in the State that has a very good price (the difference between the value of the sale of this and other rental store was 10 reais, so I preferred to buy! ).

Searching on the internet for some inspirations, I fell in love with the idea of the Holy Spirit in the cake table Panel and knew you’d use in the baptism party. My mother has a little I used on the table of the memories, and borrowed it from my cousin a huge and beautiful that I put in the main table. DIY stands for Do it yourself, according to abbreviationfinder.org.

The cake I ordered with Arlene, and it was exactly as I imagined. I bought the Angel of topo in a shop of religious items and it was less than 30 reals.

The little bottles with holy water were conceived and made by me!

I bought the little bottles in Glory, the beads around the ankles and the holy water in the convent (on the internet, the beads around ankles are way cheaper, but I didn’t have time to wait), then just paste the stickers and assemble. It was aprimorzinho, wasn’t it?!

Stationery (stickers, letters and boxes) I ordered with Roberto, who besides being a sympathetic person, still has a ótimooo price! I ordered the words PEACE and FAITH that stayed in helper table along with the little angel who “collected” from my mother, with delicious Italian wool made by the godmother of my baby and with the PERFECT decorated cookies made by Julia. People, the Ju is popping candy, I know I’m biased, but I highly recommend it, and these crackers always make the greatest success!

As a souvenir, I ordered on the internet some cushions with the prayer of the Sanjo Angel and it was the biggest disappointment. They came super squeezed in a box, all wrinkled. Not to mention the size that came much smaller than I imagined. Yes! I saw the size on the site, but I figured that would be the size of the pad is full but not empty. Anyway … it was in such short notice and I did not have a lot to be done, so it was just the same. I have the bags customized too!

At the tables, I put the traditional bottles (I’m sick of them!) and did some cross-shaped boxes with some candy inside. I think they are cute!

And so girls, what do you think?

I wanted to thank my parents so much who helped me despite all my nonsense. My son was putting his hand in the cookie jar,  and they were holding Lucca to finish “just one more”! LOL my friends Marcella (responsible for all the candy from the party), Julia (who made the cookies more maravilindos and tasty), Aline (my photographer) and Brigitte (who postponed his trip to Bahia to help me set up), and my cousin Lesly who took their Kingdom come green room and his Holy Spirit divoo (that I want for myself) that graced the party!

Of course, I could not miss my perfect husband who dreams and accomplishes everything with me!