10 Myths About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a phase of a woman’s life full of good feelings, but also, doubts and fears. But in the midst of so much information, there are many facts not true.

10 Myths About Pregnancy

Here are 10 myths about pregnancy . If you have doubts and questions, the ideal is to consult your obstetrician, who will clarify it.

The 10 Myths About Pregnancy

1 – The pregnant should eat for two
It is natural that in pregnancy the nutritional and energy needs are higher, however, this does not mean that the pregnant woman should significantly increase the amounts of her food. Be careful about feeding so as not to gain excessive weight, detrimental to the health of the mother and baby.

2 – Round belly, girl. Steep tummy, boy
One of the most common myths is to relate the shape of the belly to the sex of the baby. The shape of the mother’s belly depends on its morphological characteristics, not on the sex of the child.

3 – Do not exercise during pregnancy
Pregnancy is not a disease, and as such, should not be active during this period of time. However, this does not mean that you do any kind of activity, and should be limited to exercises suitable for a gestation.

4 – Women with heartburn during pregnancy have hairy babies
Heartburn is a very common situation during pregnancy due to the increased pressure that the abdominal area suffers, thus causing gastric reflux in the stomach. There is no relationship between heartburn and the amount of baby’s hair.

5 – You can not have sex during pregnancy
Unless there is some kind of medical condition, the intimate life can and should continue. The baby is fully protected in the womb, and sexual intercourse has no influence whatsoever.

6 – If your mother had a cesarean section to have the children, you can not have a normal birth.
Each delivery is a birth, and as such, the fact that your mother had a cesarean does not mean that you have one. This depends on your characteristics or the existence of any medical condition that requires it.

7 – Knitting, cross stitching or under stairs do complications with the umbilical cord
There is no truth in this superstition.

8 – Making the baby move by eating candy
Contrary to what is often said, the intake of candy has no influence on the baby’s movements.

9 – Black beer promotes the production of breast milk
There is no relation between the intake of black beer and the production of breast milk. In addition, the consumption of alcoholic beverages is contraindicated in the pregnancy, since it harms the development of the baby.

10 – If you have a desire to feed and you do not satisfy it, the baby is born with a sign related to that food
. Desires for food during pregnancy result from hormonal changes and changes in metabolism, having no relation to the appearance of signs or spots on the body of the drink.