10 Special Bridal Bouquet for a Wedding Outside the Box

10 special bridal bouquet for a wedding outside the box. The flowers are among the most important protagonists of the event. Ideas for a church ceremony, for the decorations, but especially for the bride’s bouquet, the ultimate accessory, which follows his own policy, according to her, the season and the tastes of the bride.

We see 10 bridal bouquet for those who dream of a marriage “outside the box”, respecting tradition but with an alternative look. Among the new trends and ideas, this spring we find funny and sophisticated proposals.

Bouquet of flowers wrapped in a sheet of high-quality paper

You can think of to wrap the bouquet of flowers in a handwritten sheet of fine paper, a love poem dedicated to the spouses or the story of a unique moment of the future couple.

Bouquet with a customized Ribbon

A particular idea, just put a piece of tape on the handle, to print the name of the bride and groom or phrases of love or, even better, a sweet thought that the groom can read before the altar, dedicating it to his future bride.

Marine-themed bouquets

For a marine-themed wedding you can make a bouquet of blue and white, which recalls the colours of the sea and insert between the white flowers even shells and starfish.

Bouquet with woven handle

For the bride who prefers a touch of softness, you might think to wrap the bouquet in a handle made of high-quality fabric.

Bouquet with wire wool

Among the most original ideas you can use woollen and cotton to keep the flower stems and, again, you can make small stylized flowers in cloth, to insert between the real ones.

Bouquet made of paper

An idea that starts from the bouquet and becomes, magically, the mood of the entire wedding. Of course the same theme can be declined in several decorations, both for the location of the ceremony to the reception or even to the wedding cake. Always keep the uniqueness of your wedding bouquet, using bright colors.

Bouquets with fruit

A bouquet full of nature, using fruit. Perfect, for example, blackberries, while in summer are cherries to be inserted strictly among the flowers.

Bouquet of red chillies

A bouquet that also becomes a great good luck charms and invokes the tradition. Very funny and original for a young bride that doesn’t take itself too seriously, to coordinate, for example, with a nice pair of red shoes.

Ethereal bouquet with flowers and butterflies

A bouquet that seems to take flight, with butterflies magically cutlery on fresh flowers to wear with a wedding dress ros.

Bouquets with tiny precious elements

A sophisticated bouquet perfect for an evening wedding that makes more sophisticated the best day: free rein to the imagination as far as flowers. Can not miss at a wedding in spring tulips, buttercups, hyacinths, daffodils, and anemones. There is an embarrassment of choice, both for color than for variety!

We see in the Photo Gallery the bridal bouquet for a wedding outside the box!