11 Things You Need to Do Before Getting Pregnant

Take care of your health before getting pregnant is good for you and for your baby.

The care the woman take before getting pregnant aims to verify whether there are any potential risks for her and her baby during pregnancy and also resolve any medical problems she may have.

Generally speaking, it is becoming more healthy – physically and emotionally — before you take the next step to pregnancy.

Before becoming pregnant, the woman must carry out a consultation with your gynecologist obstetrician. This is the perfect time for her to take all questions related to pregnancy.

During this consultation, some important topics will be mentioned by the doctor. Check out then what are these topics.

1 – Reproductive History:

This includes any previous pregnancies, your menstrual history, use of contraceptives, previous pap test results and any sexually transmitted disease or vaginal infections that you had in the past.

2 – Medical History:

This includes any health problems you have in the present so that you can be provided with your control before becoming pregnant according to Maternityguides.

3 – Surgical History:

You performed some surgery, transfusion or hospitalization? If so, tell your doctor. It is particularly important to inform your doctor about any gynecological surgical procedures you have performed, including surgery to remove fibroids or abnormal pap tests.

4 – Current Medications:

Tell your doctor about any medication you are taking. In some cases, it may be time to make a move to help prevent birth defects. Tell your doctor about any herbal medicines or supplements you take. This is a very important step before getting pregnant.

5 – Family Health History: 

Tell your doctor about any medical conditions of your family such as diabetes or hypertension, for example.

6 – House Environment and  Environment at Work:

You will talk about possible hazards — such as exposure to cat feces, x-rays or solvents-which could affect your ability to conceive or sustain a healthy pregnancy.

7 – Lifestyle Factors:

Your doctor will ask about your habits and/or your partner that could influence your pregnancy such as smoking, drinking alcohol and using recreational drugs. The goal is to help you eliminate any habits that could bring in the way of a healthy pregnancy.

8 – Exercises: 

Tell your doctor about what types of exercise do you do-if you don’t do no tell also. Generally, you can continue your normal routine of exercises during pregnancy unless instructed to reduce or change their activities.

9 – Diet:

Your doctor will ask you what you eat and drink. It is ideal to already have good eating habits before getting pregnant. This includes eating a variety of foods rich in fiber, calcium, folic acid and other nutrients.

10 – Caffeine: 

Before you get pregnant, your doctor may recommend that your daily dose of caffeine does not exceed 300 milligrams (mg). Remember that caffeine is not just coffee, but also in chocolate, soft drinks and even certain medications.

11 – Prenatal Vitamins:

Before becoming pregnant, you will probably have to take a folic acid supplement. Folic acid makes it less likely that your baby has problems in the neural tube and you better start taking before getting pregnant. Your doctor probably will recommend the intake of folic acid every day before conception and in early pregnancy.