How To Apply Nail Polish Professionally

Nail Polish can be applied professionally at home. You just need the right tools and a little bit of space to do the procedure. You can ask a friend who is willing to be a participant for you to learn. Start with your hands before and learn from there. Keep in mind the following pointers to be on his way to be an expert in applying Nail Polish.

  1. Prepare the following items; different colors of Nail Polish, a manicure set, cotton balls and swabs, cloth, gauze or cloth, basin, massage cream, base and top coat.
  2. Tell your friend that will act as a client to sit comfortably. Sit on a desk or somewhere where you can easily paint your nails.
  3. Take a bowl and fill it with warm water and SOAP. Soak your hands for a minute to soften the cuticles and skin.
  4. Apply hand lotion all over your hands and fingers. This is really going to make a pleasant experience for her. You can rub a bit of “If you want to be really in character.
  5. After a few minutes, take a cotton cloth to dry your hands and a bit of gauze to dry your nails. Towels can have loose threads and can attack the nails. This will make you lose time by having to take them all out.
  6. Choose the color of your nails would be better. Click this link for where to buy false nail. Try to stay with colors that are not as strong. This would be the first time, so it would be ideal to choose something a little less bold.
  7. Apply base coat on your nails, from the cuticle to the top. Doing a slow race with a brush before you start up the average. Then you will have to do the same thing on both sides.
  8. Let your nails dry for a few seconds while you get the glaze. Place the bottle between your palms and rub them like you’re washing your hands. Only this time it’s a glaze between the palms of your hands. It helps to dissolve the liquid accumulated inside and prevent blisters.
  9. Unscrew and get to the top. This includes the brush. There may be a lot of paint on the brush so you need to reduce friction on the side of the bottle.
  10. Hold your hand slowly and consistently do shot soft enamel a few centimeters away from the cuticle to the top. The same that you have applied the base layer, start with a long-stroke center and apply to the side.
  11. Do not apply Nail Polish repeatedly because he’ll end up a mess.
  12. Once the enamel is well painted, leave for a few minutes to dry. Check your nails to see if there are any Polish that spread out the nails.
  13. Get the top coat and apply on your fingernails once dry. This will give your nails a professional appearance and long-lasting protection.
  14. Clean the sides with a small piece of cotton or a Q Tip, this will complete the manicure you just gave.

The way the professionals do Nail Polish is not very different from how you usually do. The only thing is that they had a more intense and more practical training. The concentration is required and a certain degree of control of movements of the hand. You can easily apply the Polish professionally if you continue to do so and enjoy doing it, too.