Automatic WiFi

It is true that now leave the radio modules of your smartphone (WiFi, Bluetooth) are always active, even when you are away from home/office, you’ll waste little battery-perhaps around 2, 3% each in a full day. But always it is waste, and if you have a working procedure quite stable an app like this WiFi Automatic will come in very useful to automate switching off and switching on at least the Wi-Fi radio to suit your needs.

Automatic WiFi simply lets you set rules Wi-Fi radio on/off of your device. The most basic system is based on schedules, and is perfect for anyone who leaves home every morning/fall every night at the same hour; Alternatively, you can proceed to location, exploiting the information coming from the GSM cell to which you are connected.

There are also some special rules, such as turning off after few minutes without connection, activating when charging and resuming every few (by five minutes to ten hours), override the airplane mode and so on, but they are a bit of a sticking plaster to make up for the lack of a schedule for week or cycle right, taking into account i.e. different needs during rest days-typically the weekend.

The GSM location is still a solution that works, although maybe a little less accurate schedules-as long as they don’t work too close to home. The app is generally well written, neat and clear enough (if you know English). Besides, it’s free and without advertising, a closer look you deserve.