A New Tour of Fashion and Style for Williamsburg

When I travel, I try to ignore the positive or negative adjectives (associated with prejudice) that locals or visitors give the neighborhoods, and prefer to make my own idea to me. For this reason, when I went to New York at the end of March 2014, I decided to stay for the second time in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and I have not regretted. Say what you will, in that area you can breathe fashion and style. Would you like to check it?

Williamsburg: a neighbourhood for fashion and style

For my “hipsters” have been taken to Williamsburg and have highlighted it is one fact more than the cause. Today what’s interesting is to analyze what has happened with that surge youth – that many say is moving to Greenpoint – and how their presence has shaped the sector again, bringing with it a tremendous DT real estate, that has resulted in the construction of luxury apartment buildings, and the opening of a wider range of restaurants and shops of fashion and design.

Interesting to consider is that you shops that I visited in June 2013 remained open, and joined new poles of consumption, which are designed in stylish neighbors both visitors to the neighborhood. Because Williamsburg walk is a delight for the eye and the senses.
As you commented the last time in the Driggs Street are interesting premises for sell or buy clothes used as Buffalo Exchange (504 Driggs Ave). However, if they walk a few blocks to the River will find another gem of vintage fashion: AG Glamour (About Glamour – 107A N 3rd St), a local that in addition to a selection of used clothing in large fashion houses, has an interesting collection of art. I was about to tempt me with a red trench coat Burberry, but its size L made me give up. Ah! prices were not cheap, but neither seemed outrageous (compared to other similar premises).

Now for those who want to take Bedford Ave as a point of reference (there is a metro station of line L that leaves them in the epicenter of style) and they are in search of the “U.S.A made” like me, I recommend that give a turn by Goorin Bros (181 Bedford Ave), hats store that marvel with its reinvented classical models and with the ability to send to do some on-demand. I loved them to give you the hat in a box that not only facilitates his transfer, but also his care. Ah! that Yes, their prices do not fall from US$ 150 ($82,000 app). But if you love these accessories, you can not go if one of them.

Now, if you like to buy clothing and accessories that in addition to being produced locally have a commitment to social and sustainable, you have to go through Brooklyn Industries (162 Bedford Ave.). Although, the last trip went, was on this occasion that I valued more his proposal to read its social responsibility policy which advocates produce through environmentally friendly processes environment, and opt for reuse, manufacture with organic materials and procedures that minimize their carbon footprint. In fact, there I bought a wallet and a handkerchief that saved me from the cold. In addition, Ale gave me a dress in liquidation.

We continue to move forward (although at this point I’ve done them forward and back). Let’s walk to the Mini Mall (Bedford Ave – N 5th St), a new space where it is possible to find design objects (jewelry), vintage, books, children’s clothing, hairdresser and sweets. I loved the concept of each of the premises, where attempts to offer an experience of shopping in every way with entertaining products and design and its packaging is part of the added value.

The return of this “design indoor Center” is author Verameat jewelry brand shop (132 N. 5th St.), Ukrainian designer – American, Vera Balyura, whose proposal is characterised by richly articulated surfaces, portability, and subtle details. Dinosaur devouring fried chicken, skeletons, animals, among others can be found among its parts. I do not I resisted her charms and bought me a necklace of Fox, although I was also tempted to take me a dog ring. His work is so delicate and fine, that has fallen in love with stars of the likes of Tilda Swinton.

If fashion with local accent you isn’t enough, I recommend that you close the ride on Bird (220 Smith Street), a boutique that features a well maintained catalog of clothing and accessories for women and men of brands like Rag and Bone, Alexander Wang, 3.1 Phillip Lim, among many others. Although the store is beautiful and its selection of high level, escaped from my budget.

It gave hunger? then go to eat the rich meatballs or vegetarian Meatball (170 Bedford Ave). For about US$ 8 app comes 4 meatballs which you can accompany with mash, spaghetti or salad. Now if you love food “American style”, you have to pass to eat hamburger Sweetwater (105 North 6th Street) of the restaurant of the same name next to a beer tap (for faucet) to refuel and continue touring this inspiring city.