For a More Colorful Winter

As the temperatures drop, the streets are being taken for sober, dark and neutral parts. What gives certain air of sophistication, true, but also carries a bit of monotony.

As I’m from the class who believes it is possible to be happy in the winter(), I’ve come to show some ways to use more colors and keep the mood lively even in those days when all we want is to stay under the covers–whether you’re more contained and discreet or owner of a defiant personality.

The easiest way is to use an amazing piece, like a colorful coat, to animate a classic denim suit+shirt(or any other neutral coordination), and you can also get more information from Listofusnewspapers. Also colored shoes, pulling the red in this case, are the perfect complement because they give more harmony to the result and impact of the look does not depend on both one-piece.

This idea is even more interesting when the rest of the colors, although neutral, flee expected in winter. As this look with much white and some blue and jeans.

Mix several colored pieces is animation. You can join your amazing coat and give new life to that skirt which was limited to the summer. For this to work well, remember to keep the same intensity between colors and opposing pieces in neutral colors, like the shirt, handbag and shoe of this example.

You don’t have to be plain. The powerful coat may very well be stamped–which will increase the possibilities for coordination, especially if you have many colors like this. Note that the neutral scarf creates volume without taking the highlight of the coat and the color contained in the shoe plate causes the entire run look, leaving the look harmonious.

The pattern can be more discreet. A coat of stripes, classic, will work just fine. The photo breaks the black-and-white look excessive and even allows a mix of interesting prints.

Speaking of mix of prints, that smooth coat can also be perfect to finish a more daring, as the photo that includes two pieces well stamped. Despite the accessories are also powerful, which makes up for the amount of information are the classic moulds-basic t-shirt, pants and jacket also without many pockets, newspaper clippings and information beyond color and the buttons.