The Origin of the Huntress Perfect

One of the jackets of reference that has managed to keep in time with a completely fresh and natural, air worldwide, is model perfect. A type of jacket that has found its niche in most styles, beginning with the biker passing by the hipster to the fashion or sport. And it is very common to see celebrities wearing them in different areas of their lives, when you read any fashion magazine.

But really, what is known of the origins of this type of jacket?, as well, in this post we will open mind about one of the most iconic jackets in the history of fashion.

There are many guesses, which are made daily, about the age of the perfect model. A more accurate than others, but the true year of birth of this type of jacket was in 1913. In that year, the Schott brothers had the idea of a new design of jacket for men, and there were many hours employed in their workshops in Brooklyn

Originally, the perfect model created by the Schott brothers, was oriented to one of Biker jacket, which sported a number of rivets sobe skin not seen so far in a leather jacket. Here at Itypeusa you can get more information of the jackets models.

The story tells a little about the longevity of the success of this type of jacket. In the 1950s, a new generation was born in the United States. That generation was made up of young survivors of the greatest war in history, and returning to their homes, misplaced, empty and strange attractions without great prospects for the future. A feeling of marginalization within the same country where it had received them as heroes. Forward to occupy that inner emptiness that had, began riding on motorcycles, wandering through the different parts of the country, roads, landscapes and other similar places, are those that aroused his interest, and where they were riding their motorcycles, they all began to go organized into bands, to protect themselves from the cold that they felt flying, chose the perfect jacket model which gives them a recognizable style and a sense of belonging.

All this stream, I accompany you the premiere of the movie “Wild” in 1953, where motorbike lifestyle elevated to myth, where Marlon Brando wore “jeans” jeans with a white shirt, and the “look” was completed with the perfect jacket.

Since then, numerous cinematic references have worn this jacket as a sign of rebellion, passion for life and self-affirmation: John Travolta and Olivia Newton John in Grease, Johnny Deep in Cry Baby, Steve Mcqueen…

All of these features, and causisticas, are the most immortal jacket we have today in our days, which originated the Huntress model perfect. A jacket that our brand Alarca Made in Spain is present in all his collections, and that, in addition, you can customize it to your liking.