The Pocket Gun, a Growing Trend

Origins : small arms, called pocket guns, simple and easy to transport and hide, had their heyday in the second half of the nineteenth century.The high society ladies felt more confident with a weapon of this nature kept in their purse, while the lords carried them hidden, something easy because of their size, for their self-defense.It was also imperative for prostitutes, bandits or professional card players.In these years was famous Henry Deringer, a famous designer of arms of pocket of century XIX.The pocket gun of this manufacturer reached its maximum popularity during the decade of 1850, being the favorite of the civilians in search of a firearm easy to hide and to carry.Although his ability to fire was limited, a single shot, because of its size and weight had a great advantage over other weapons of the era.

From the nineteenth century until now there have been more pocket guns, used mainly in the two world wars and in the Cold War, where espionage played a fundamental role.We are currently faced with a tendency to use this type of pocket gun again, which is the subject we are going to discuss in this post.

This tendency to carry a second weapon, of last resort and very small size comes from the United States.Pocket guns are designed for personal defense very small size, light weight, smooth frame to facilitate a quick removal.

It is a question of carrying a second weapon different from that of endowment so that at one point it serves as a tool of last resort.

Many security professionals in our country are opting for the new series of very lightweight “pocket” handguns that have regained the 9 mm caliber short as defense ammunition.

All these weapons share characteristics among which stand out its weight, ease of concealment, small size and comfortable postage.

Numerous houses of arms possess this type of arms or Pocket guns.

These small models seek to satisfy a very specific demand: that of those who are looking for a weapon of last resort that is as easy to hide as to handle.Virtually all gun manufacturers are including this type of pocket gun. Here at you can get more information of the ladies purses models.

Pocket guns are very popular and are widespread in the United States.In Spain they can be used under licenses A and B.

Let’s take a brief look at the brands, all available at Shoke Shop , the most consolidated Pocket Guns in the increasingly competitive defense weapons sector.

Glock 26 9 mm Parabellum 4th Generation

Pocket gun that was introduced in 1995 especially for the self-defense of the civil society.The Glock 26 is the smallest gun of this weapon manufacturer company.Because of the trend since the 1990s to re-manufacture small guns because of the complaint of customers.It has a smaller frame than the Glock 19 with a handle that only fit two fingers.The standard charger is double-row with capacity for 10 cartridges.The Glock 16 is not simply a smaller Glock 19, as manufacturers have redesigned the frame and some internal parts that make it available with double recoil spring.The reversible magazine retainer allows users to change their position to the left or right of the frame, without additional parts.

Ruger LCP

The Ruger LCP is Ruger’s first entry in the field of small and ultra-light self-defense guns, known as pocket guns, weighing 280 grams and a 9 mm short caliber.It is a semi-automatic weapon, the frame is made of nylon and reinforced with fiberglass, this material gives the Ruger the look of a toy gun.It measures 13 centimeters in length, 9 in height and 2 in width.

It is completely flat and with rounded shapes, which means that it does not suffer any hiccups when extracting it in cases of maximum tension.

It incorporates an external charger closure.Users claim it is the best pocket pistol on the market.

S & W Bodyguard 380 Auto

It is a semi-automatic pocket gun, a very discreet model with power and capacity to be considered worthy of our self-defense and the characteristics of the S & W brand.

The polymer frame is integrated in the handle to decrease the weight and allow, although small, a good handling and control.The barrel, the rod, the body of the magazine and other parts of the interior are made with stainless steel.It has a manual insurance.The hammer is hidden, we trigger the trigger.Holds six short 9 gauge cartridges.It has installed a laser point of the brand Insight, world leader in design, development, manufacture and distribution of tactical lasers.

Sig Sauer P290 9 mm Pistol

It is a double-action weapon equipped, like many other pocket guns, with polymer frame that reduces its weight considerably.It is powered by a removable charger with capacity to store 6 cartridges of 9mm Parabellum caliber.The sight system of this weapon includes a high contrast effect and night looks.Both the slide and the barrel are made of stainless steel.