A French Woman on the Alb

do you know that? Sometimes quilt the virtual mailbox of with-forgive me, but nothing else occurs to me: crap.
So: crap-mails. Pointless questions from people who want to sell things that no one needs.

But then and when, so occasionally, there is the small, fine pearls: a friendly email with a nice request, such as that by Melanie Metz:
Maybe you want to show a wedding photojournalism by me on your blog? An international, rural, French – on the Swabian Alb…?

HA! Because my mailbox and I giggle. I love the contrasts and surprising.

Bring it, dear Melanie! You’re so beautiful photos.
For you to the sit back and enjoy. A French woman in the meadow.

Love Valerie, You beautiful bride, I had there a few questions…:

What specifically was the French at your wedding?
The food, because it took from 20:00 to 2:00 has. It is very French.
We also tried a French wedding cake to get. I wanted a traditional “Pièce montée”. When I finally found someone, who could prepare this cake, I was delighted. A “Pièce Montée” is usually very high, so that everyone can see them. The delivered pie was but tiny and looked like a miniature. Fortunately, our guests were already all full and the cake was still tasty!

Has something gone wrong?
All lectures were presented in two languages and there was a small glitch with the translation. The free ceremony was said in French more or less, I think that the Tahitians total are lazy and that they can do anything. Meant I had that the Tahitian mentality always liked me. I grew up in Tahiti and my uncle and his family live there still… In hindsight, I have explained the relationship what I really meant.

What was the funniest moment?
A funny slip came from my brother: my sister is finally washed – instead of grown.
Our two little flower girls provided a very nice moment. Have the flowers to the throw very carefully chosen. For 20 meters, we took very long.

What was the most romantic moment?
As we leave the marriage vows that we had written.

And the intriguing?
When I saw my grandma at the registry office. It was very hard but also good to see you so stirred.

Thank you Dear Valerie and dear Sebastian, that we were allowed to partake a bit of wedding. And thank you, Melanie love for the photos-I can never get enough of such mails!