Christmas Glaze: Red X Gold

Every year it’s the same thing when it comes to enamel for Christmas! Whether it’s for supper the day 24 or 25 day’s lunch, all women want to be with the impeccable hands and with festive date related colors. It’s no use looking for other tones, trying to innovate: most uses red or gold for Christmas, so I decided to so show some variations of glaze in those colors to inspire you!

The Red is beautiful, impressive, shows strength and is the current color. Is very worthwhile gamble, even more because it combines with most colors of clothes. The color is so chic that even the Darling Olivia Palermo elected as unanimous on your Christmas nails! I showed the Red bikini here on the blog, the 40 Degrees is also super cute and the guy in the summer; already the Vanguard and Salsa are more open and pull for the pink and orange.

On the other hand, the Gold is glamorous and very festive! If you are cool and have a look with more expensive, use this color to rock. Are several options: from light tones with a little glitter, fully metallic gold and even pulling the covers. Last Christmas, I used CoverGirl, a gold fancy the deleted Bossa Nova is very yellow, Metallic Gold is more flashy and the Nyx have a coppery tone.

The two colors are beautiful and a great bet for a manicure. A tip this time of year is to buy the bottle, after all, has no glaze that resist the day supper in the kitchen and Christmas lunch!

They’re going to bet on what color?

Photos: Reproduction

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