For the Perfect Camping Holiday: All about the Equipment

Camping holidays are fun and is a real favors for many people. But those who are close to nature must think of a lot of equipment, which makes the supply and the stay in the wild and make the holiday an adventure à la Robinson Crusoe.

Similar to hotels, camping can be distinguished in 5 star categories. They differ from the simple to the exclusive design and offer campers a wide range of comfort and services ranging from the rental of tents, caravans and mobile homes to equipped kitchens to shopping, leisure activities and guarding.

Basic equipment for a camping holiday

What would a camping holiday without a tent. After all, it is your home during your holiday and should therefore not be selected too small, but in its size always be calculated with an additional person. This gives you more space, which is particularly important when the weather outside is uncomfortable. Camping means spending as much time as possible outdoors. Therefore a v ordach or small awning is very useful and protects against sun and rain. Of course, they should also serve the cozy gathering and as a place for taking meals. A camping table, chairs, crockery, cutlery, water canister, a cool box, washing-up items and thermos. In addition to food, there is also a camping kettle and camping grill for the culinary wellbeing. Do not forget the gas bottle, however, so that the stove can serve its purpose.

Solar lights and candles, on the other hand, enchant the evenings with subtle light and create a cozy to romantic atmosphere. For the night rest, even inflatable mattresses have proved to be the perfect sleeping place for the camping holiday. If you have enough space in the tent, of course, you can also use inflatable air mattresses. Air and travel cushions are very practical and ensure a comfortable lying down of the head. If you plan a longer camping holiday, you should use quality sleeping bags. They regulate the body temperature and are definitely worth the extra charges. They also thank for a long service life, which means that their costs are also amortized quickly. Also, the sleeping bag should be a number larger than required. In this way, it offers more freedom of movement at night and a much more comfortable sleep.

Hygiene items, foodstuffs and flashlights may not be missing in a basic equipment.The latter are useful companions when you have to visit the toilet at night and help you to survey your path.

Health care during camping

A small first-aid kit is also indispensable for a camping holiday. It should include your medication, mosquito and sun protection, sneezing, pavement, disinfectant spray, painkillers and some gauze bandages.Since the nearest pharmacy is probably not located in the immediate vicinity of your campsite, you can provide the necessary supplies in an emergency.

Weatherproof clothing is indispensable

Even in summer weather and warm clothes can not be dispensed with. Even in hot countries the temperatures can drop significantly in the evening and at night. Therefore, garments that are kept warm should also be taken. Light and firm footwear, as well as swimwear and rubber boots complete your mixed clothing and prepare you for all weather conditions.

Reasonable but coveted things for the camping holiday

If you do not want to do without a laptop during your camping, it is advisable to bring a power adapter or an extension cable for the nearest socket. A hammock, on the other hand, invites you to relaxing leisure hours, does not occupy much space and is a utensil that you will not want to miss any more.

If you need to wash clothes, think of a clothesline to dry. A good book to read, games and sports equipment such as a soccer ball or pen set bring fun and variety to your holiday.

The top ten items in minimal-camping holidays

The minimum equipment for a camping holiday

  • tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • pillow
  • camping stove
  • Table/chair set
  • dishes
  • travel pharmacy
  • jerry cans
  • matching clothes
  • Food supplies

This inventory list can be reduced if an equipped kitchen with cooking facilities is available at your selected campsite. Some campsites also offer the rental of accommodation. However, these are quickly bogged, so a previous reservation is advisable. It is therefore in your personal decision how much comfort you prefer.Moreover, the financial aspect could play a not insignificant role.

Camping holidays with children

Children love to play and play outdoors. Your clothes will be quickly soiled, so you need to have enough items to change. Family games, books, different drinks and snacks are not to be missed during your camping holiday with children in your luggage. The favorite cuddly animal to fall asleep is just as important as protection from all climatic influences. In addition to bathing, swimming pools, sand toys, and for larger children, a surfboard for the sea or other things for sporting activities is an absolute must, so that boredom has no chance. Furthermore, your baby is best cared for in a travel bed at night.

Camping in extremely hot countries

In extremely hot countries it is essential to bring sun protection with a correspondingly high protection factor and wide head covers. Supplement your travel apothecary with diarrhea, a fever thermometer and ointment.

Camping in extremely cold countries

If you belong to the intrepid winter camper, a robust winter tent is required. Down jacket, warm, water-repellent shoes, scarf, gloves and cap are further indispensable items for your camping holiday in extremely cold countries. Sleep on high camping mats or better in camp beds. For cooking, the gasoline cooker is the better alternative to the gas and spirit cooker. In addition, it is recommended to bring a snow shovel to be prepared for winter pleasures. Since you need many hot drinks, several thermosets are recommended.

Quality products or used equipment

If you plan frequent camping stays, you are on the safe side with high-quality products in specialized stores. This applies above all to high-quality tents and sleeping bags whose quality is affordable. Especially for the wintercamps are suitable equipments to your own well-being. Please pay attention to the manufacturer’s data or consult a competent dealer in outdoor specialist stores.

Used offers on the Internet are often very cheap, but you are literally buying the cat in the sack without having seen the articles before. However, where you buy your equipment, your individual discretion is and will continue to depend on whether you only camp once or are already among the campers who can not imagine another form of holiday.