4 Nexus Could Cost 599 Euros out of Google Play

Jug of cold water for everyone who hoped to become a Nexus 4 and did not attend Google Play to do so. The price of the terminal outside the Google online store It will not be from 299 euros in its 8 GB version but significantly greater.

As it has advanced the day, Google terminal has been seen announced in various online stores at prices higher than 500 euros. In Spain, the first to give a figure has been the chain of The Phone House stores, that Encrypting the price of the new terminal in 599 euros.

Hours later, the chain has withdrawn its showcase online terminal and has issued a terse announcement which advertises your waiver to sell the new terminal Google and LG.

According to officials of The Phone House, the reason for this abandonment is that LG recommends to sell the phone to 599 euros, a clearly higher price a 299 Google pointed and, according to the signing of settlements, nothing competitive.

For the time being There has been no official confirmation from LG on the price of the terminal in store, but all sources point to that the 299 euros for the 8GB model and the 349 16GB model will only be possible if the terminal is purchased through Google Play. On Monday I will give new details of this difference when we can consult them with LG, but all indications are that the ‘ party ’ 4 pay Google Nexus.