5 Differences between Mother of First Trip and Second

They say that there are differences between the first pregnancy and the rest. The truth is that with time and experience we learn to deal with some situations more calmly.

5 Differences between Mother of First Trip and Second

Mother’s love does not divide it multiplies itself. It is a great truth, but the way you experience pregnancy and motherhood is completely different in different gestations.

In the first pregnancy everything is new, the baby sneezes and we are already calling the pediatrician.

Everything is new and the fear of making mistakes is very great.

Differences between Mother of First Trip and Second


Fears and fears

Other Fears

With pregnancy and the first child the greatest fear is not doing things correctly, everything is new.

In the second pregnancy the biggest fear is not having time to pay attention to both, how to handle the new routines and manage the feelings of the younger hand.


Fix errors

With the first child we grow up as mothers, we hit many times we miss so many.

The second pregnancy is the perfect opportunity to correct mistakes and experience better the first times.

The mother already has the experience regarding breastfeeding feeding, sleep, illness …

# 3


In the first pregnancy the desire to buy the trousseau and set up the baby’s room is enormous, we end up buying objects that we do not use. In a second pregnancy parents save time and money, they already know what is really necessary and enjoy much of the first baby.

# 4

Less doctor

In the first child the pediatrician becomes part of the family, we call because the baby cries, because the baby does not make a coconut, because the baby sleeps a lot or little.

Our insecurity only goes with the doctor’s official words. In the second pregnancy we only call the doctor in case of need, the experience speaks louder.

# 5 

Fewer pictures more experiences

Time passes by we have a baby and suddenly he is already running, talks and wants to play with the classmates.

In the first child we record every moment the first cry, the first pope, the first tooth, we record all the special moments.

In a second child we are more present, we enjoy every moment better because we know that they pass too quickly. Fewer photographs but more souvenirs.