5 Facts about Sport Fishing That You Might Not Know

The sport fishing is a new type of fishery and arrived in Brazil for a short time, but has been spreading with speed and popularity of very interesting among Brazilians.

So, we decided to bring together five fun facts about this type of fishing here in this text. Check out what are:

Sport fishing represents a billionaire market

The industry of sport fishing it’s a billion dollar industry – that if we consider only their investments and income made in Brazil. In 2013, the sport fishing industry in the country moved some R $1 billion, surprising all those responsible for tourism sector in Brazil.

One of its main attractions, of course, are the Amazon fishing, with thousands of annual tourists traveling by boat for our rivers after some of the biggest fish on the planet and having fun with the sport fishing.

One of the fastest growing markets, even with little incentive

The market of the sport fishing Brazil is one of the fastest growing markets in the country, even in time of financial crisis. In recent years, the market has grown on average about 30% per year and more than doubled the audience for the last ten years.

No wonder, the major fishing fairs in Brazil, such as fishing Trade Show and Mariner Boat Show, have registered growing public, with huge jumps of about 50% of audience from one year to the next.

In all, the sport fishing industry generated in 2015 about of 200,000 direct and indirect jobs (including material shops for fishing, hotels, fishing, live bait, restaurants specializing in fish, fishing guides, drivers of boats for fishing).

Even so, the market still has room to grow, too. In the US, for example, sport fishing generates more jobs than traditional industries, like the auto industry, moving more than $45 billion annual fishing equipment.

Still, there is little incentive from the federal Government so that this market can develop more.

There are more than 40 years of sport fishing in the world

The sport fishing was established in 1971, about 45 years, featuring fishing just for the pleasure of the fishery and not the subsistence of food obtained. Therefore, the motto “catch and release” is an intrinsic part of sport fishing.

The largest sportfishing the world record holder is a woman

The American Meredith McCorda is one of the greatest fishers of the planet. Born in Houston, Texas, she’s fishing for many years and specializes in fly mode. Currently, she is the owner of about 65 fishing world records, according to the IGFA (International Association of fly fishing), with seventeen other outstanding records to your favor. Your goal is to reach 100 world records.

The larger fish contains the Amazon Brazil

One of the main destinations of sport fishing in Brazil’s Amazon. With a boat, a good quality Rod and bait required, many fishermen from all over the world venture daily by the river of our mesh Amazon rainforest, after colossal size fish.

The largest fish of Brazil are there, as the pirarucu (Arapaima gigas) and the piraiba (Brachyplatystoma filamentosum), which can reach (on average) 2.5 metres and over the 200 pounds.

The Brazil still stands out because it contains more than 2000 species of freshwater fish and more than 1300 species of marine fish.

And you, fisherman? That stories and trivia has to tell about your life in fly fishing? Share with us in the comments below!