6 Superfoods to Lose Weight

Super foods are trendy but have been around for a long time! Read our article and be amazed.

6 Superfoods to Lose Weight

The  super foods  have always been here but not always received the amount due.

There is a popular saying that we are what we eat.

Naturally we can not take it to the letter, but nobody doubts the effect that the diet has, in the day to day as in the future, in the behavior of our organism.

A balanced diet is objectively a good principle but there are a number of foods that we should be aware of in our food choices.




The eggs are rich in protein, have important antioxidants in the ocular system, contains 12 important vitamins and minerals for the brain and memory.

On the other hand is an economic food with multiple applications and due to its nutritional power allows the intake of fewer calories without risk of weight loss and without great influence on cholesterol levels .


Beans are very rich in protein, an important source of iron , fiber and magnesium .

Prevents risk of heart disease, helps lower cholesterol and releases the body from waste.

There are studies, which are still ongoing, suggesting that beans can help fight the risk of certain types of cancer.


Broccoli is a major source of fiber and vitamins C , A and K . Vitamin K helps bone health.

Because of their makeup, broccoli helps to reduce the risks of obesity , diabetes , heart complications and certain types of cancer.


Almonds have very great nutritional power. It is rich in proteins, vitamins and fatty acids beneficial to the heart.

They help brain development, help lower cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes.



The quinoa is cereal protein with the highest value. It is an excellent source of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, fibers and rich in omega 3 and 6. It has another great advantage: it has no gluten .

Quinoa prevents cardiovascular disease, some cancers such as breast, osteoporosis and other diseases associated with menopause .

It is also indicated in muscle recoveries and beneficial for the best functioning of the brain.


The  goji berry  is the food known with greater antioxidant power, is a source of vitamin, contains 18 amino acids, 8 of which essential fatty acids and is a phyto-nutrient that has anti-inflammatory functions.

It also helps reduce the risk of heart complications and is a protective factor for cells.