6 Types of Internal and External Wall Coverings


  1. What is coating for wall?
  2. Types of coating for wall

Learn more about various types of flooring to wall

The Mayor’s decoration includes many factors: furniture, accessories, colors, textures, among others. In the middle of it all, the walls are important points of decoration, and can serve as neutrals or as elements of color and highlights. However, the wall paints are not the only option for color or decorate: the wall covering is a viable option and often, more beautiful.

Currently there is a wide range of wall coverings made of various materials and that adapt to different rooms and their needs. Meet six of the main types of coating for wall and choose your.

What is coating for wall?

Wall coating consists of a type of material, as the name implies, covers and the wall, giving a completely new face and differentiated. The coatings can be used in all walls or in one, two or three walls, creating differentiated compositions.

The more noble is the flooring material for wall or the more difficult for their application, the higher will be its value. On the other hand there are cheaper coatings and perfect for an economical budget or for those who simply want to start experimenting finishes before diving in head first.

Types of Coating for Wall

Almost every moment arise novelties in the niche, many of which include wall coverings in different shapes, materials and uses. Its decision, however, will be made much more easily knowing the main types of coating for wall and discovering what fits into your project. See also: http://www.franciscogardening.com/how-to-find-wall-paper-at-the-lowest-prices/

  1. Wallpaper

The wallpaper is one of the simplest and wall coverings that are easily found and installed. Usually consists of a roll of paper or special adhesive that is glued and fixed on the wall, and may come in different colors, prints and textures.

However, don’t be fooled, because the wallpapers can be as advanced as other coatings, with increasingly technological materials and resistant.

If you want to do a project on its own and does not want to spend a lot of wallpaper is one of the most practical solutions, decorating without much effort. Use common wallpapers in drier areas, such as the living room or bedroom. For the bathroom and kitchen, which suffer from the humidity, choose wallpapers and specific resistant.

  1. Textured Mass

The textured mass, which can also be found by her nickname of mortar, it is a material denser than the ink that can be colored and applied on various surfaces, in external and internal environments. This type of flooring generates economy because it doesn’t need finalization with paint or plaster, but preferably should be applied by specialized professionals.

With textured dough you can achieve different textures and patterns on your wall, creating a unique ambience, decorated and water resistant, impact and other bad weather.

Because it is more resistant, textured pasta can be used indoors or outdoors, varying their granulometry for more or less rustic decor.

  1. Wood

Wood is an excellent wall covering for classic or rustic environments, serving to increase the temperature, keep warm and can be found in different versions. If you want to enter the sustainability wave replace natural wood boards for porcelain tiles that mimic wood, giving it a natural look and unique environment.

Use preferably in damp and more decorations bit rustic, creating the perfect environment.

  1. Brake Pads

The pills are small pieces usually made of glass, ceramic or resin, in various colors, which are applied to the wall, as if they were small tiles. Most of the time the tablets form small drawings or geometric patterns continuously opening and stretching the environment.

You can use pills in the kitchen and in the bathroom replacing tiles, but also textured inserts in the living room or in your room. Combine harmonically different types of inserts for a visual more than unique.

  1. Mosaics

Mosaics are the ideal option for anyone who loves geometric patterns or more minimalist decor and less conspicuous. The mosaics can be made of cement and concrete for a more rustic and textured, as well as porcelain and other ceramic types, creating a visual.

Give preference to monochrome mosaics within the same tone or tone similar to the rest of the decor. So, you will create a welcoming environment without drawing too much attention.

  1. Rocks

The wall covering made with stones was and continues to be widely used in various projects, and may incorporate the different stones and bricks in its composition. Have greater strength and give a bolder look to the environment.

You do not need to use the stone coating just outside, as on the balcony or barbecue, since if you want to give an impression of even greater room just integrate the external environment with the internal when using stone flooring, creating a decoration full of personality.

Wall coating does not need to be a mystery and can easily become part of your decor and your project. To do this, choose the one that has more to do with you, with your home and your needs and earn walls with even more style.