7 Tips for Buying Swimwear

If you worry about the election of a new swimsuit this season, these tips can help you choose the right model for you and put an end to your anguish.

How many of you wore seemingly perfect swimsuit in the locker room, only to find that it emphasizes their swollen abdomen and legs makes them look ten times larger? So before you start searching here are 7 simple tips to help reduce the stress of finding the right swimsuit.

  1. “Call your friend!”

Advice of your friends can save you a real fashion faux pas. So as start take the most sincere friend with you to the shops and look into her eyes!

  1. When you feel good, you look good!

If you have just swallowed a box of ice cream or feel completely gorged/insecure/slightly sick, then now is not the best time to look for swimsuits. But it may be the perfect time to look for summer shoes!

  1. Take care of things “down there”!

Also put a thong, even if you usually stick to bikini for not hitting the underwear you when you try swimwear… though because no one wants to see two storeys bikini.

  1. Choose the right material

The best fabric for swimsuits is a blend of nylon and spandex. Nylon super retractable dries in seconds and keeps its shape even after prolonged use. Little spandex will provide additional sampling. Do you feel like the queen of the beach already ?!

  1. Emphasize the “good sides”

As someone who wants to show a little sex appeal can be directed to sequins, buttons and prints. This will add volume to your chest. And if more gifted in this area in a dark top with ties around the neck and without ornaments. The same rule applies to bottom: the main and side links will help you accentuate curves, and the ordinary version will do wonders in hiding problem areas.

  1. Extend your legs

If you are like most of us, you can safely afford to look higher. So, get rid of boxers in favor of high-cut bikini. The result for you!

  1. Show confidence!

Calling all girls: do not hide in swimsuit that looks like that of your grandmother. Instead, choose a model that emphasizes one of your greatest assets with a plunging neckline or cut piece swimsuit. Slightly raised models in front of you conceal bellies and look great!

With these tips, you will find the right bathing suit in no time. Which ones are you going to implement this season? Or do you have another trick to finding the perfect swimsuit? Share… in the end we all swim together on this issue!

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