A Boy and His Blob, The Reinvention of The Classic NES Platform Game Comes to Android

One of the great jewels of NES It lands on our Android devices with the release of the remake, or rather, the reinvention of the classic platformer A Boy and His Blob.

A Boy and His Blob It was originally the Nintendo console in 1989, but the company WayForward It rescued him in 2009 to release a new version on Wii, game that during this time ended up coming to PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS. Now you’re already available in Android and coming soon to iOS.

A Boy and His Blob, a great platform for your Android game

The new version of A Boy and His Blob offers us a great game of puzzles and platforms starring a child which accompany a mass of white color you will need to feed to base you sweets so that it changes shape. That strange companion will be transformed into 15 different objects, which will serve to eliminate the enemies and overcome the pitfalls and dangers that you will find throughout the game.

A Boy and His Blob is now on sale at the price of 5,49 EUR (9,99 EUR on Steam in its PC version), although as informs Google Play showing the word “Unreleased” the game still has not officially been released. This means that the developer still finalizing its launch testing this game compatibility and solving bugs, with is it possible that it is not stable.

The only problem that I’ve detected when testing the game is that does not hide the virtual navigation keypad, covering some elements, a ruling that will certainly corrected very soon. Otherwise, A Boy and His Blob It works perfectly, very fluid, and well implemented touch-sensitive controls.

A Boy and His Blob

  • Version of Android: Since 2.3
  • Developer: Majesco Entertainment
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: €5.49
  • Category: Adventure