A Dream Come True: Winter Storms of Burberry in Motion

Those who are fans of the firm Burberry We are always at the foot of the Canyon looking for the latest news from the British firm, and I think that the thinking heads of Commerce and advertising know it well. So much so, that we had to go slowly waiting to be able to go knowing more than the collection. Here nothing is given at once, mas lengthen the uncertainty, better.

That is why today I saw several times already the promotional video of the capsule collection Winter Storms Burberry, even knowing that they were playing with my feelings by giving me one pellizquito more than the total that should keep coming. I feel used, but it is by Burberry, which I use.

The video is sensational, not by the quality of the content, but by male garments. Some has been other shelter that, until now, we were unaware that it belonged to this Burberry capsule collection, so they have worth 54 seconds that it lasts. I have also surprised some details which have shelters and which in the photographs that we had already seen, at least for me, went unnoticed, as the tacks on the neck of this color beige:

Do you think of the new details emerging from this capsule collection? I’m still happy. I’ll be back to watch the video in search of brushstrokes which still does not have noticed me.