Jackets for Different Body Types

This season, there are jackets for all tastes, style them bomber, the type, the maxi coats tuxedos, blazers, coats and the trench coat. But what is right for your body type? How can we combine them according to the occasion?

Jackets for Different Body Types

This mini style guide could help you find that perfect jacket, which will remain many seasons in your wardrobe. Find your body type and follow these tips to get the most out of your jacket.

Rectangular body

The torso does not have much definition and waist is hardly noticed, they have shoulders straight and defined. Although they lack the bust and hips, are thin build. The most important thing is that jacket you choose will help you define your curves and mark the waist.


-Between shorter better, especially if they have wide lapels, details on the chest and belts. Example: style bomber jackets.

-Use jackets or coats of skins or linings to add volume to the body.

-Looking for coats that believe you curves visually for example which are crossed or belts, these are ideal for creating curves. Here come the army coat with belt.

-If you have little bust you can opt for coats with asymmetrical buttons or zippers, in shades. Choose jackets that contain pockets on the hips.

-Opt for bright colors patterned or any eye-catching design.

PEAR or triangle shaped body

They usually have shoulders, narrow waist, wide hips and rounded. The most important thing for this body type is to balance the two extremes: define the top, enhance the waist and accentuated hips. You can draw attention to your face to create an image provided.


-Jackets or blazers should be structured to define the torso.

-Any accessory that calls attention to the upper part of the torso, like jewelry, made that her body looks more balanced

-Choose jackets with “V”-shaped neckline or peak, this will help you to attract attention to your face and will help you conceal your hips. For example: the tuxedos.

-Stay away from the shelters with horizontal lines or bright prints.

Body triangle inverted

The shoulders are wider than the hips and bust is often large. The goal is to try to hide as much as possible the upper part of the torso and create more curves at the height of the hips to balance the image.


-Jackets or blazers must reach the hip rather than the waist. I recommend the tuxedos.

-Opt for coats or jackets in the form of layer (very 60´s style) and even ponchos.

-If you have much bust and back, use jackets containing a set of buttons and that length is below the hips. Do not use jackets with shoulder pads.

-If you don’t have much waist or hip, the best choice are jackets type Princess with round necks, tight to the height of the bust.

Hourglass body

It has the same proportion and a defined waist hips and shoulders. Almost all the styles can be used with this type of body.

In general to have this type of body, you favor many types and forms of jackets. USA style bomber, maxi coats, tuxedos, trent coat, etc.

Don’t get jackets type layer.

Oval body

It is characterized by being more rounded in the stomach area. When it comes to dress aims to hide the belly and create an image more thin and stylish clothing and accessories.


-Use blazers or jackets that don’t tighten the torso, with straight lines. They may or may not have defined waist but never put them very stuck.

And some final tips according to your height:

If you’re high used jackets that reach the knee or Crusades, do not take too long coat. USA coats closed diagonally away from buttons or zippers in the Center.

SI eres bajita remember that jackets or coats cannot be too long and not wide because you will shorten your figure visually. The long ideal is to get you to your hips or a few centimetres above your knees.