About Stretch Jeans

I have a recurring problem in my hunt for neat-fitting jeans.Often, I try to buy jeans that are a little tighter than desired from the beginning, to the right to stretch in the right places and after a couple of weeks to get a nice and good looking fit. The problem is that I do not manage to get all the parts in the pants that stretch as I want. The waist I have difficulty getting to the strain on the resulting in that I either get a pair of jeans that sit neatly above the buttocks and thighs/the knees but way too tight in the waist/hip, or so they sit well in the waist/hip but becomes baggy in a osnyggt way. Right waist is often stitched a little differently than the rest of the pants, sewing pattern, perhaps on the other dimension which and a little thicker stitching, which I’m guessing is the reason why it doesn’t have the same tendency to stretch.

Clothesbliss.com provides some tips on how to wear stretchy jeans:

I am convinced that this is a problem many have experienced. Denim is a material that, to a very large extent be shaped after use. It is also very significant difference between the different fabrics and how they stretch does not make it any easier.

The tip to buy a size smaller which sits slightly tighter than desired fit is often very good, but the problem is that the tighter the jeans are the more they will stretch. Likewise, stretch jeans more where they sit tight and subjected to much movement. The thighs and buttocks is the classic example of this.

The secret is to find the right model. If you know that the jeans usually stretch over your thighs and buttocks than the waist, you should look for a model that fits well in the waist, but slightly narrower for these parts. There may of course be the case that you choose a slightly slimmer waist, but just it is not narrower than the parts that will stretch more. Option is to find a straighter and slightly wider model that are not as tight and therefore will not stretch as much.

Now, it is not always easy to see how the model will become after use. Once you found a pair of jeans as new sits just like you want is therefore a tip to try a size smaller. Then it is often clearer to how the jeans will be shaped.

Similarly, the play tygvalet very big role. My experience is that heavier and unwashed fabrics more fully conformed to the body than washed companies.