Accessories for the Completion of the Jewelry

Today is still a little on the technical language for jewelry-making. And chains to the completion of the jewelry threaded with steel wire or straps. There are several ways to thread the needle, but this one is the most popular and also my favorite variation.

The end pieces have their own name and for them, there are various practical tips. Here you find pictured it with name.

To finish steel wire (wire), you first need beads. These are small beads that are strung on wire and firmly pinched. It is also right fixed. Take a little time for it. Because if it is not properly done, it’s no longer happening.

To attach a lock, you need an end loops. There are several ways, the most common are dome or wire guard. Both are practical and good. It’s mostly just a matter of taste, which you want to use.
As an alternative, there’s also bead bandits, click here for instructions.

Also you need also jump rings or eyes, mostly to attach a lock or an Pendants. Split rings are used mostly as a counter loop for a closure.

Finally: click for instructions on buying jewelry on sale at ornament accessories.

Clasps for Necklaces and Bracelets

There are different types. Surely you already know the commonly used spring or snap closures.
But sometimes I like to some use other because it better fits in the design or because it is more practical. For bracelets I find very handy toggle closings, also T-lock called. You can with one hand open or close. Read more about.
Then there are also magnetic catches. They are quite handy. The disadvantage is that they are suitable only for light pieces of jewelry.
Important for the right lock option: He should be practical and fit to the piece of jewelry.
Stone beads world you will find nearly 100 different closures!