AKG Q701: Headphones Audiophile Signed Quincy Jones

The Q701 is a pair of exception both in quality of production by its excellence in terms of sound reproduction.

First note that the helmet is manufactured in the workshops of AKG in Austria and not assembled in China like many others, and casually it is for me and for many other quality.

A high-end headphones

According to Photionary, the headphone consists of a metal alloy for the frame, leather for the headband, and velvet for the pads. The 3D Form earbuds fit perfectly on the shape of the ear, the velvet is really very comfortable leather shake of the head (may be even too much, but I quibble a bit), and thanks to its details you feel a lightness and comfort despite the fact that the Q701 is very large.

The headphones are opened by breakthroughs grids of a multitude of small holes that are the most beautiful effect but especially allow the user to not be completely isolated. This is a beautiful helmet (I love the Green model), light, comfortable using noble materials… It starts well

Exceptional sound

So first of all, do not the error to test these headphones with an MP3 player in the store, this helmet must be powered by a real amp Hi-Fi which just includes a built-in headphone amp. At first I was disappointed by the lack of “fishing” of the helmet by testing it on theiPhone to a colleague, but as soon as it is plugged into an amp Hi-Fi it is just fantastic:

Harmonics are brilliant (I even detected in a concert of harmonics never heard before), and low frequencies are simply beautifully clipped while remaining deep, rich headphones which gives a feeling of space but which above all, following listened musical style reacts in the same way, he does not impose his personality but that of the composer and the place of registration.

“It’s the only helmet which allowed me to find the sound authentic that we were aiming for records like ‘Billie Jean’, ‘Thriller’ and ‘Give Me the Night’. I had never heard such a quality of sound. “- Quincy Jones

To conclude the Q701 is a fantastic helmet both by design that by its sound reproduction, this was for me a wonderful experience to try it… And if you’re looking for a helmet of exception I could only advise you that, despite a slightly higher price. However, consider that it is a collector’s edition which more is, defends a noble cause (a part of the profits from the sale of helmets AKG Quincy Jones will be donated to the Quincy Jones Music Consortium, a foundation dedicated to music education American children).