All You Need to Know about Winter Garden

In addition to being extremely charming, the winter gardens bring a delightful sense of warmth and freshness to the environment. A very popular form of gardening is part of the nature of the residence, leaving the most beautiful and pleasant spaces.

If you want to know a little more about the conservatories keep reading and become a real expert on the subject! Follow:

  1. After all, what a winter garden?

The winter garden, also known as indoor garden, gardening is an option during the coldest time of year. However, today, successful in all seasons, this environment is usually attached to the houses purely to fulfill aesthetic purposes.

  1. Where assemble your own indoor garden?

Winter gardens usually stay in rooms or under the stairs. While these are the most common areas for its assembly, it is still possible to integrate conservatories the bedrooms, bathrooms and foyers. It is noteworthy that the visual is amazing when the conservatory is used to transition from one environment to another. In this case, it functions as a decorative part.

  1. What kinds of ideal plants for these gardens?

By generally being a shaded area without direct sunlight, it is important that the garden is composed of species resistant to this type of condition. Good plants to grow for this type of gardening are, for example, anthuriums, begonias, peace lilies, violets, cacti and palm Raphis. Choose your plants preferred and mount a harmonious composition!

  1. What materials are needed for installation?

To mount a winter garden, other materials like cachepots, stones , pebbles , expanded clay , shells and sand will be needed in addition to the plants. And to make the most rustic look, consider the possibility of using wood deck to finish off. Choosing to put glass around the garden is important to define the space without sacrificing lighting. To the most beautiful and pleasant garden, you can invest in water sources.

  1. Keep the focus on garden maintenance

Remember that not enough to simply assemble the garden, you need to cultivate it carefully to ensure the beauty and longevity of the environment. Pay attention to the cultivation of plants, worry with pruning, irrigation and use of fertilizers.