Am I Pregnant or Not?

This question gnaws and gnaws. Until the pregnancy test or the doctor can make a reliable statement, weeks pass … and in the meantime squats woman (and man) on needles. Does (or did you) go the same way? How do you recognize now that you are pregnant-or not.Maybe like this:

You are quite hibbelig and fidgety, you want to finally clarity-but for the first examination or a pregnancy test it is much too early … I would not know how many inquiries a female doctor in this regard gets. Even after the positive pregnancy test, it often still takes a seemingly eternally long time until the doctor’s pregnancy “officially” confirmed-at least I was so in my first pregnancy.

A definite answer to the question of how a pregnancy can be safely identified is very difficult, because every woman is different. Some do not notice anything, others push and pull it and with others the circuit comes to spin and they turn around.

Sour Cucumbers With Chocolate?

Both children were planned with us-and both times it worked with us almost immediately. For me it was then mainly sensitive breasts and pain in the abdomen, so almost as the period also announces itself. And fatigue-leaden fatigue. The entire first pregnancy trip remained so, I could only sleep all the time. Unusual cravings à la sour cucumbers with chocolate I had never really. Only banana with Nutella has challenged me in my first pregnancy to hot jam-but this is not unusual, right?

But Not Pregnant Despite Pregnancy Signs?

In the second child, everything first pointed to pregnancy-painful upper range, drawing in the abdomen, fatigue, the period remained. But when finally a reliable result of the pregnancy test had given, this showed negative. Two days after, the bleeding was also there. We were so sure! When it came to the next start, everything was clear – because “I” just knew it. I even meant to have heard fertilization through a “plopp!”. And I also felt that the implantation was very strong in the abdomen.

It is probably as with the children themselves: Even siblings can be more than different-and likewise the pregnancy. Not to mention the birth …

And Nausea?

The nausea came with me only later, but all the more violently.

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