American Eagle Campaign No Photoshop

American Eagle, brand specialized in lingerie and costumes, presented the new faces of his campaign: Barbie Ferreira, size 48, and 4 different models for other shapes and sizes. A way to celebrate the beauty of the body in all its variants. Moreover, the world needs more women strong!

American Eagle, the American brand of lingerie and swimwear celebrates the beauty of curvy model as closely as possible and with a dedicated line, Aerie. The mark proclaims itself “curves”, “model curvy” supermodel, and presents the protagonists of his new campaign #AerieREAL: Barbie Ferreira and other cut-and-models 4 different forms.

In the last two years #AerieREAL celebrated the body of women, eliminating any retouching and work with Photoshop.

In a campaign video, Barbie Ferreira, who is a size 48 (size 12), tells his story as a model without too many filters. All poolside, with a pink bikini in inlays and a drink in hand.

“Do not be doctored images for me is very important. People understand that I am what I look like without that the perception that there is a pattern that my body should look like. ”

In an interview with Vice, Barbie Ferreira recounted how for her there was no model of curvy woman and expressed its opinion on the definition “plus-size”, which considers conceptually wrong.

The punch line of the video may be a definitive statement of intent “the world needs more strong women.” In every sense.