American Series Will Jump TV and Spend Only on BitTorrent

Worldwide TV series are pirated via bittorrent. Although this is not the main objective of the protocol, he became one of the main sharing network uses. Thus, agencies such as the MPAA began to pursue sites and users who pirated content from major studios on the network. But there is at least one series that they can not prevent it from falling on the network. And it is called Pioneer One.

According to the creators, Josh Bernhard and Bracey Smith, the series will use the network torrent of VODO, a content distribution platform for independent filmmakers. To finance production, at least the pilot episode, the duo plans to rely on donations for their future viewers. The initial value at which they are asking is US $ 6,000.00 and they have achieved around 75% of this total.

The theme of Pioneer One will be science fiction and the plot of the series is “a contemporary North America, an object returns to Earth. A government agency retrieves what looks like a space capsule from the Soviet era and that disappeared decades ago. Inside, they find impossible – something that will have ramifications for the entire world. ”

Bernhard and Smith were also the creators of the filmmakers Lionshare film, which had success in several trackers torrent it was published. They expect the series to do as much or more success than the movie. To receive the donations and publish more information about the project, the filmmakers have created this page.

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