Android 2.2 Update on Motorola Milestone

Last Friday I decided to take courage and upgrade my Motorola Milestone for Android 2.2.1 . After reading a lot about the distributions they had available, I opted for ShadowModBR. This alternative Android ROM was created by the Brazilian Edgar Castro, who even gave an interview to AndroidBlog. It pays to read and know a little more about the developer.

Android 2.2 Update on Motorola Milestone

Update Android I lose my personal data?

Before the upgrade I read all the procedures, and knew that I would not lose the files stored on the SD card. Important data, such as my calendar, emails, and contacts, is saved online in my Google account and is easy to retrieve.

Updating Android do I lose my apps?

Will you have to install everything again after updating the firmware? I decided to take the risk, even though I had some hope that I could install it all again automatically from AppBrain or Google Play. Ledo mistake! After updating my phone, my list of apps was cleaned too. But it was not a problem. I installed everything again in a few minutes, and the advantages of ShadowModBR compared to the  original Android romcoming on the Milestone made up for the extra work!

How do I upgrade from Android?

Installation was quick and simple. Just follow the steps in the installation tutorial on the ShadowModBR page. Be careful not to skip anything, stay tuned right now. Considering the whole process, I did not spend more than 15 minutes to have the appliance working again. Upgrading from Android is easier than you think.

Review about ROM ShadowModBR

After the installation of ShadowModBR Milestone became another. This ROM restarts on its own a few times, but much less than it used to. Overall the phone is much better. See below the main advantages of ShadowModBR over the original Milestone ROM:

The browser is clearly more agile.

The battery is going on much longer than before.

The camera and camcorder open and shoot much faster and it is easier to switch between them.

Several semi-useless applications that came pre-installed by Motorola are no longer occupying the phone’s internal memory.

It is possible to install applications on the 8GB of the SD card, which was previously limited to just over 100MB of internal memory.

Flash sites work well, although some of them are very slow.

The interface is more fluid, lighter and more pleasant.

Google applications work even better than before. Youtube and Gmail and Gallery are much faster and easier to use.

Several new shows appear on Google Play now that the device has Android 2.2.1.

The only flaw I’ve seen so far is the light sensor that does not seem to work. But as it apparently only serves to control the brightness of the screen, it has not bothered much.

In general, all these advantages are experienced whenever people upgrade their Android to an alternative ROM.

Anyway, if you have a Motorola Milestone, be sure to upgrade to Android 2.2. Even knowing that Motorola promised the official version for the first quarter of this year, it is worth already getting used to Android 2.2 , even to have a criterion of comparison for when to get the official version!

As soon as you upgrade your device, please tell us what the experience was like. Incidentally, every time you update your Android, come back here to share your experience!