Android Application from Our Stie-Download Now

Please be fully updated on all the news from the mobile industry direct on your mobile via Android application from our stie.

Our stie sent in March, an Android application out, which was very late in relation to what the plan was. The original plan had been to make an Android and an iPhone version at the same time-and even have sent the Android version on the street first. This failed however.

-“We would have given Android users a surprise-but this failed. The first design sketches did not work on when they came over on mobile screen, and we had to throw away several months of work out to start over. Since our project had progressed so much, we had to just to be finished as soon as possible. Here we chose to go the iOS-the way-as it simply was fastest, “stated Chief Editor at our stie, John g. P, then.

The application gives you, just like the iPhone app, all the news, reviews and tips, and they can appear in both chronological order or broken down by the various manufacturers.

It is also possible to share articles via Facebook or e-mail and get alerts so that you are always up to date on all the news on our stie.

But the really big news is also that it on Android application is possible to comment on articles directly in the application in the comment thread.

Since its launch the Android application has also been the first update, you can read more about here.

You can download the application for free in Google Play Large.

You can also find the application our stie in Google Play Large.