Android at MWC 2012, Which We Hope to See This Year

Just within a week will begin the Mobile World Congress. The fair of reference in the market of mobile phones. In it, over the past years, we have known to the terminals which have marked trend throughout the year. Taking into account the role of Android in this scene it is obvious that we will see many models who are Google’s operating system.

In recent days, and as the date draws near, we have seen many leaks and rumors. Some have been gaining strength and have been materializing into something real. Others, have been a mere bluff. A few days ago I asked Engadget Android replies what you expect to see at the fair. Today, us tell about it from our point of view and discuss with you. That being said, let’s start.

More power processors, but also aimed at reducing consumption

Following the announcement on your Tegra 3 day, everything pointed to that the quad-core would be the relay two high-end chips. Powerful terminals that also provide spectacular graphics power. It is absurd to say that now the dual core is something mid range because this type of processors have proved to give one performance more than enough to be at the top.

What many expect really to get the quad-core higher performance battery. Games with ultra-realistic graphics are fine but what would be a major change is that autonomy is extended more. It seems difficult to see batteries with more amperage in less size (and affordable) so the key will be to offer a few extra hours.

Manufacturers to take advantage of the Samsung espantada to give the best of themselves

One of the news that most captured the attention in the preview of the MWC was the refusal by Samsung to give a press conference. This does not mean to not submit news, the company will be at the fair, but will not do so with all the heavy artillery, which possibly reserved for an exclusive event in the style of those who make Apple or Microsoft.

Is obvious that Samsung captures many looks, It is the main partner of Android and its range of terminals, in addition to being quite long, with very important spearheads. This situation, other manufacturers have to take to get the attention of the media. That all talk about HTC, Sony, LG… We hope that other manufacturers take advantage of is not the Korean to fight to see who comes out as the most acclaimed of the MWC.

Powerful and competitive models by Chinese manufacturers

When we talk about manufacturers who work with Android normally we make allusion to the larger ones. Partly it is normal, they are those who capture more attention but eye: this year we with a sector that comes stomping: Chinese companies. Huawei and ZTE have already been teaching part of the artillery will be in Barcelona and the thing promises.

Ascend P1 S, and the D1 Q are two real beasts that will compete in the high end. Nor should we lose sight of ZTE with their PF200 and N910. Although they are not Asian, we will also be attentive to what present Panasonic, which this year aim to enter through the front door.

More differentiation between terminals

Last year the MWC left us a very clear conclusion: differentiation would be key. Thanks to the versatility offered by Android manufacturers must compete to offer unique Terminal, with features that make us decide for them and not for others. This e.g. He assimilated very well LG who Optimus differed perfectly its range of products in its range.

In this edition hope the trend stays and continue seeing very different terminal and not a mass of smartphones with very similar characteristics. What little we have seen with certainty these days seems more innovative will be the Asus PadFone. We’ll see if the rest follow along this line.

Tablets with Ice Cream Sandwich

At CES tablets had just role. At the MWC we hope that manufacturers dare and launch new models with Ice Cream Sandwich. Seems to be difficult to repeat the boom that we live last year with Honeycomb but we hope that mobile phones are not the only actors in the fair. Remember that last year we saw the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and others.

Again, I want to ask you. What do you expect of this MWC? We will have already left our opinion. At the end of the coming week, can already begin to talk about what more he liked us and that has disappointed us.