Apple Has Sold the Most iPhone 5S of the New iPhones

There were 9 million sold in the first weekend of the two new iPhone models. iPhone 5S sold absolutely the best of the two.

Apple announced on Monday that they had sold 9 million of the two new iPhone models, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 c, for together. The sales figures for each of the models they have held close to the body.

But now it is reported that the “top model” iPhone 5S sells much better than the cheaper iPhone 5 c around the world. It writes our site.

Research firm Localytics estimates that for each enabled iPhone 5 c in the United States enabled 3.4 iPhone 5S units. In Japan is a factor of 3.7 and similar numbers are expected to be applicable in other countries.

iPhone 5 c has also “1 day delivery” on Apple’s website, while iPhone 5S have “October” as delivery.

The official sales launch for iPhone and iPhone 5 c in 5S Denmark is yet unknown, however, reads the rumors that the sale might start on 18 October.