Arav Fashion Silvian Heachand and SH

The Arav group with its two brands, Silvian Heach and SH, think about the future with new projects.

Bold as SH or sophisticated as Silvian Heach? So he has his women the Arav producer group of the two brands that today are the protagonists of a new expansion project and consolidation of their success.

In the next 5 years, in fact, the two brands will open new flagship stores, a sign of great growth they have had in recent years.

Silvian Heach, the Arav Group brand born first, is now present in over 40 countries with 21 flagship stores (in addition to more than a thousand multi-brand retailers) to which you will add another 19 flagship stores in the next five years.

Is eagerly awaited the opening of the store on Via Dante in Milan scheduled for December 2015 and January 2016, with a concept designed to highlight the qualities and characteristics of the brand dedicated to women who love the clean lines and luxury without frills.

SH, however, is the brand young, dynamic and cheerful that embodies the will to live of teen girls who never stop. And for them he has thought of a fresh and contemporary line that is reflected in the new and upcoming store. In addition to the 33 flagship stores already present, in the next five years they will open in Italy other 48. And in September there will be many new features for e-commerce.

“There is a change under way that will involve the company in the coming years. There are many new initiatives,” says the managing director of Mena Marano Arav. “In fact, today the company is getting ready to face the future also looking at what happens on international territory.”