Automatics Watches

Today we would like to get into the issue of mechanisms or so-called internal movements of a watch. The heart of a watch, A small paign perfect machine and is responsible for accurate clock operation.


The clockwork, also known as gauge, is basically composed of a drive weight, a gear formed by toothed wheels and an escapement mechanism.

The motor weight is a weight hanging is responsible for providing energy and connected to the gears which in turn are connected with clockwise.

The escape wheel receives the rotating driving force through the gears of the clock and transmitted to the anchor, this, in turn, makes it reciprocates, but the blades looper prevent the escape wheel turns freely: pallets alternately hold and release the escape wheel. So every time the pendulum swings, two teeth of the wheel are released.

The escapement mechanism, which houses both the anchor and the pinion, slows regular travel gear.

A modern mechanism also houses the rope (through which the drive receives force), the mechanism of hands (which links the elements for timestamp) and the adjusting device (which corrects the time indicated).

Depending on the model the mechanism can have different functions, such as:

  • Clock: Issuing a is &; TODDLER at a scheduled time
  • Chiming: Issuing a is &; TODDLER the acoustics for the issuance of the time
  • Calendar: Different information about the current date
  • Chronograph: Serves for measurement of time
  • automatic winding: converts kinetic energy (energy of motion) in other mechanical energy

Characteristics of a good mechanism

The main thing (when analyzing the price) is the development and technical refinement employee (technical term: Complication).

Quality mechanisms usually cost more money than simpler versions. This has to do with both handcrafted pieces as with the assembly of the parts takes place mechanisms most renowned suppliers, which are enshrined watchmakers who perform these jobs. A buyer of a clock with an automatic mechanism not only pay for the finish and exclusivity but also for the devotion with which the piece has been performed.

This dedication also detects the someone who is not considered skilled if you look at the mechanism.

“& # 191; What should I consider when buying a watch equipped with an automatic mechanism?”

The vast majority of manufacturers use ETA calibres. This Swiss manufacturer belonging to Swatch Group is the largest and most renowned producer of mechanisms. Manufacturers of high-end watches such as André Belfort Glashütte or rely primarily on the mechanisms of ETA house. “Basically” & # 191; why? Because in most cases, clocks do not use the mechanisms in its original version but, generally, they are conditioned by the necesidasdes and taste of watchmakers to better meet the demand of its customers more demanding .

However, today there are manufacturers who develop their own mechanisms and these are the ones they use in their watch collections, some examples are Rolex and A. Lange & Söhne. These mechanisms are even more expensive than the “more conventional” ETA house.

Generally, we can say, however, that all the mechanisms of the big houses are extremely accurate. So for the buyer, the decisive factor should be your personal taste.