Baby Look and Magic Dream Contest

The brand Magic Dream has very cute clothes for children and babies. Today I want to show you some pieces I’ve chosen to Bruna and Manu, and the cool thing is that almost all of the brand is already mounted as this but with versatility to use separated into various looks.

Leopard coat with soft Cardigan.

Sweatshirt dress with Cardigan. This dress came with the listradinha pants.

Jeans squishy that came with Leopard print coat.

Bodies of plush for Manu, toasty

The Magical Dream is conducting a contest amazing that will give away a kit of clothes for a baby. I have already spoken of the contest here , but those who have not seen and yet did not participate, have a few more days to run.

Just send to email a digital photo of your child (up to 3 years maximum), email and contact number of the parents, and assemble a sentence with the word “Dream” and “Magician”.

Ready you will be running.

It’s worth gaining a lot of beautiful clothes for your puppy?

At the end of the contest yet another surprise; a baby will be chosen among the participants to star in the new campaign of the Magical Dream!!!