Bathroom Lighting: Safety First

In the lighting of the bathroom several points should be noted. Safety is always a top priority. in Bad Finally meet electricity and water, thereby special caution. Because of the increased security risk, which is available for installation of bathroom lighting, design and installation should only be carried out by qualified personnel.

In addition to safety including a successful lighting concept is indispensable. Only with the right light and the right lighting only produced the desired wellness atmosphere. Thus the bathroom is not only a place of daily personal hygiene, but rather a place of relaxation.

In the Luminaire Selection the Protection Zones Must be Respected 

Thus, a light in the bathroom can be used, it must meet certain requirements. For certainprotection areas namely various requirements are of the bathroom. Basically, the more the lights come into contact with water, the higher the need their protection be. Specifically, this means that in the area above and around the bathtub or the sink lights with minimum degree of protection IPX4 should be mounted. For installation in a shower with massage jets, the lights must have at least the better IPX5, IPX6. Generally speaking, power sources to power the lights and switches are definitely not where they may come into contact with water.

It makes Sense to a Triad of Ceiling, Wall And Mirror Lights 

In the bathroom there is therefore an urgent need to assemble the right lamp in the right place.Even otherwise good planning in the bathroom lighting is-as in all other living areas essential.This is especially true if the use of built-in lights is desired, as they require in most cases, mounting boxes at desired locations. All elements should be coordinated and are also attached to the size and the style of the bathroom. A single light is sufficient in most cases not to achieve an optimum overall light in the bathroom. Therefore, a combination of ceiling, wall and mirror lights is useful to have the right light for all activities in the bathroom.

Mirror Lights: For The Right Light During The Morning Toilet 

Particularly mirror lights have increasingly established in the bathroom as they provide exactly the light that is needed applying makeup, shaving or styling. Finally shadow on the neck and nose are undesirable. In addition, mirror lights pass through particularly pleasant to the eye, warm white light in the mirror a healthy skin color resist. That mirror lights on top of that also should be appealing shape and style, explains why they have taken in recent years, the bathroom of the Republic more and more. Examples? With its simple yet elegant design, the luminaire Fineline of Top Light is where the concept of the mirror lighting to especially handy.One of our top sellers is the simple design and the warm light color also Linestra 1 base of Vibia, on the other hand offers itself from the home Decor Walter the Flat 1 for mirror for use in the bathroom to. As the name suggests, this light can be easily attached to the mirror. With their timeless appearance and the three different surfaces to fit also guaranteed in every bathroom.

Ceiling Lights: Bathroom Compulsory Program 

In addition to good lighting at the mirror in the bathroom are also ceiling lamps  for general lighting must. It can be imitated via LISTOFLEDLIGHTS with energy-saving LED a dimmable starry sky on the ceiling of the bathroom. Or one of our designer ceiling lights takes over the task of a small, high-intensity sun. The possibilities are virtually limitless. The Cut-ceiling lamp of the German firm Decor Walther ensures a particularly good general light in the bathroom and also features a modern design. Dioscuri Parente / Soffitto made ​​by Artemide is not only high quality, but distributes the light through the diffuser of blown glass glare throughout the room.

Increase Targeted Color Accents The Wellness Factor In The Bathroom

In addition, with the help of  built-in  and wall lights  exactly set the accents that complete the lighting concept for a bathroom perfectly. It often color filters are used. Alternatively, it is also possible through the judicious use of the spot to put a specific detail of her bathroom in the right light. The possibilities are incredibly diverse – assuming, of course, the luminaires are in the protection areas exclusively used, which have an appropriate degree of protection. If all safety regulations of DIN VDE 0100-701: 2008-10 complied with, the perfectly lit spa is in your own home no more obstacles.