Beauty Secrets of the Famous

Every woman has her little secret of beauty, isn’t it?

But, although we are always taking care of our appearance, sometimes it is worth to learn new tricks to update beauty supplies.

A good tip is to enjoy the beauty of the famous who are always beautiful and flawless.

Meet the Beauty Secrets of the Famous

Grazi Massafera

The beautiful already revealed that doesn’t leave the House without sunscreen. To make your life easier, she prefers to use moisturizers containing sunscreen or bet on the BB cream that leaves skin lisinha and protected at the same time. The actress also uses body moisturizers every day with a milder smell and refreshing. Time to do the makeup, Grazi doesn’t open hand of lipstick and eyelashes mask to leave the look in featured. In addition, due to running, she moisturizes tos wires at home, in the shower.

Juliana Paes

Actress makes success with your guitar body, but revealed that he never resorted to more radical aesthetic treatments. But, to keep the butt and firm thighs and cellulite, she bet on lipocavitação, which is an aesthetic treatment that destroys fat cells. To keep your skin beautiful and prevent premature aging, Juliana, has its cleaning routine and use sunscreen every day. To reduce dark circles in time for makeup, she applies cotton moistened with cold water and does not relieve the mascara to enhance the look.

Bruna Majmudar

Despite being young still, Bruna Majmudar comes along with its beauty, so many women want to discover the secrets of the famous beauty. One of the secrets of an actress is to use moisturizers and sunscreen daily. To reduce the oiliness of the skin once a day she wears a astringent. Time to do the makeup, the actress does not relieve the primer to disguise enlarged pores.

Giovanna Antonelli

Another actress who is a reference, is Giovanna Antonelli. For skin care, the actress is always going to the dermatologist to use creams manipulated the face and neck. As she wears enough makeup on a daily basis, has the habit of using makeup removal wipes to clean the skin and Unclog pores. Unlike many women, doesn’t like to wear a mask of Cilia. His greatest trick is to use false eyelashes. To keep fit, she works out and makes lymphatic drainage for eight years.

Flavia Alessandra

Among the secrets of the famous beauty, the actress Flavia Alessandra deserves attention, as she manages to maintain her beauty very well. For skin care, the actress uses products recommended by your dermatologist. She likes to take advantage of various colors of lipsticks according to the occasion like red, coral and nude. Day by day, she bet on a lighter makeup, so it only uses sunscreen, base and plenty of shade from lashes.