Beauty Trends 2015 Eyebrows

Cross and delight of all women, eyebrows play a key role: they are always on top and need of proper care and attention.
The face of a woman changes dramatically depending on the eyebrows and for that reason alone should never be neglected.
C ‘are those who prefer subtle, those beautiful double and obvious, but those who, to avoid treating them, preferred to eliminate them altogether to make room for the permanent tattoo, but the real trend this year wants rainbow colors and bleached as a must-have of ‘summer.

What do you say?

Here are all the eyebrows trends and make-up tips collected by for next summer!

Eyebrows Pastel

The pastel eyebrows are one of the  trends of 2015, a real passion that has depopulated in the walkways. Certainly, though, it’s a quirky look for those who want to impress, maybe to a party or a special occasion.
Of course … if you were to see me with my mother of purple or pink eyebrows candy, I fear that really can come an heart attack. In fact, in my case I prefer to avoid these head shots, but I assure you that the pastel eyebrows lay down the law on the catwalk!

For those who want to try to give a quirky touch to your eyebrows, you can try using an ultra opaque pastel eye shadow or the beloved acquerellatili pastels by Cosplayers in their disguises.
Avoid them lighter and then make a true colors: better to test with something “reversible” before doing damage!

Bleached eyebrows

The  bleached eyebrows  are an excellent choice among the trends of 2015.
To achieve the desired effect it is necessary decolorarle first and then dye them with the color of your natural color or very light to create a strong contrast with the hue of the hair. The technical DIY in this case are seriously discouraged, better to turn to the experts.

This particular trend I must admit that I do not like.
The make-up made ​​in this way seems to give the models a sick look, as if were suffering from alopecia.
A contrast so sharply between the color of the eyebrows and the hair, to I believe, does not exalt feminine beauty, on the contrary, it penalizes.

Eyebrows by abstract forms

Even the eyebrows from abstract forms are another trend of the moment: real paintings from the black line that amplify the size. Even these, however, will never become a real fashion spread between us “mere mortals”, at least in everyday life.

If desired, the eyebrows by abstract forms can be further enhanced by tricks  and extravagant psychedelic, creating a look of course be imported and very scenic.

Fear not girls!
If like me you love to be as simple as possible, know that you have your eyebrows, as they are, will do fine for this summer like all the seasons and the years to come.  The only rule is to cure them!