Beauty Tricks for Before Bed

While you sleep, your body is still busy. He works in various stages of repair, rejuvenation and energizing. What you may not know is that some beauty tricks can help increase the speed of these processes causing them to be more efficient. So, check out these beauty tricks that will help you wake up even more beautiful:

Erase wrinkles

You may already be familiar with the anti-wrinkle creams, or other kind of night cream, but use masks of sleep can improve the effect of these products. These masks are among the best options of beauty treatments. You have to mix the mask to the moisturizer that you usually use to wake up as a Princess. Choose shades with cranberry extract in the formula. She’s a great elastic agent for the skin and it also keeps the face hydrated throughout the night.

Soften dry feet

You feel the skin of your feet are dry, cracking, or with corns? Here’s a simple remedy: mix vaseline in any moisturizer and pass on your feet. After that, wear cotton socks and go to sleep. Do this every night. The socks will ensure that the moisturizer to stay on your feet all night. This is one of the best beauty tricks to moisturize the skin of the feet.

Avoid hairs rebels

You want that if hair is long and is afraid of damaging it while you sleep? It is true that a lot of frizz your hair is caused by friction caused by contact with the pillow. A simple solution is to change the cotton pillowcase with satin. The slippery satin surface causes the wires slide with a minimum damage to them. Sleep with a loose braid also helps to prevent the knots in the morning.

Hydrated lips

You don’t have to do much to make lips look beautiful. A simple beauty tip is to pass a thin layer of almond oil on the lips before bed.This simple act will make you have a mouth soft and smooth when you wake up.

Soft cuticles

Simplify the task of softening your cuticles with the application of coconut oil on them before sleep. This will make your cuticles stay hydrated, which helps in the growth of the nails as well.

Beauty tip for raising the lashes

You can find various creams and lotions for eyelash growth, but they may not work, besides being very expensive. There is a simple beauty tip that can help you in this area: try the castor oil. You will need to apply the oil on your eyelashes before you go to bed. To do this, you can use a cotton swab. This small step will help you to have longer eyelashes and full in about two months. Worth a try, especially for being cheap.

Soft hands

You already know the beauty tip to get soft feet; Now we’ll show you how to have hands hydrated too. Start esfoliando the skin of the hands with brown sugar and olive oil. Then, mix a herbal vitamin E oil on your moisturizer and massage your hands with it. Use a pair of gloves and go to sleep. You will wake up with softer hands and young.

Glowing skin

Wake up with a radiant glow is not impossible if you are willing to follow a few steps in your routine. Use vitamin E based oil with a night moisturizer before bed. You can also use olive oil to massage the skin until it penetrates the pores. If you repeat this ritual every day before going to bed, you will see the result.

Kill the pimples

The timing of the pimples is bad. They always appear before a big event. But don’t worry. You can get rid of pimples with a simple trick: put a little toothpaste on them before sleep. Let there overnight and wash in the morning to make a “wound” be more subtle.

If you invest a little time in these beauty tricks before bed, you can get away!