Benefits of Jump Rope

Jump rope is a child’s play but it is also one of the exercises more complete. Surprise yourself with the benefits and fast results!

Benefits of Jump Rope

That nostalgia of jump rope! The younger ones probably do not realize the reason but the generations with more than 30 years will recall with nostalgia the times of the child. Memories and jokes aside jump rope is a powerful exercise to burn calories.

Don’t be fooled because despite looking like an exercise is very easy, the jump rope is, in reality, very complete and an excellent way to burn excess fat, lose belly and to keep in shape in a simple way.

Jump rope is a simple exercise, economic, can be practiced in any location and is especially indicated for those who have a sedentary lifestyle or you want to get results fast.


As in any exercise, especially if you do not practice a sport regularly, you should start with sessions light, with progressive increase in intensity and repetitions per week. It is not indicated for those who suffer from problems in the knees or joints, hypertension, cardiovascular problems or who have excess weight.



When you jump rope you are using various parts of her body: the muscles of the legs, glutes, abdominals, shoulders, biceps, and forearms. The longer the duration and the pace of the exercise, the more calories you will lose.



It is an exercise very effective to burn calories and a great way to tone muscles and lose flab. Jump rope is improves physical endurance, increases alertness and strengthens the cardiovascular system.



Whether it’s your gym, with the help of a teacher, through the hundreds of videos on the internet or even of self-educated form, will easily learn the exercises regardless of age and location.



At first glance it may seem an exercise very monotonous but there are many variations to avoid the fatigue of repetitions: jump rope one-hop two-stroke, cross and descruzar the rope, jump with one foot or alternating them, jump in the race, jumping with the rope to the contrary, among other.



In function of the intensity of the exercise and the amount of muscles involved, with five and twenty minutes per day and with three to four sessions per week are enough to begin to feel the beneficial results of the effort.


  • The body should be vertical, with the neck aligned with the spine
  • Keep the abdominal muscles contracted
  • The knees should be slightly bent
  • The elbows should be bent to 45°
  • The palms of the hands should face up
  • Rotate the rope using the wrists and not the arms.