Best Classic Handbags 2014

Classic and yet modern: Miu Miu briefcases in cognac and light blue.

In terms of elegance, the classic handbag does not pretend anything to anyone. She is rightly called the Grande Dame or Lady under the handbags and is a companion of queens and stylists. We present the Henkeltaschen trend.

The Queen, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, Masako of Japan or Carla Bruni: Great women from the aristocracy, high society and politics have always put on the classic handbag: the square handle bag of solid leather. The models look especially feminine and elegant and bring a touch of nostalgia with them. This season can be accessed on models with graphic patterns, refined details or in summer colors.

Characteristics of the Classic Handbag

Characteristic of the handbag are the rectangular or slightly trapezoid-shaped look, the short handle, placed on top of the overlap, as well as its solid leather. Like a Grande Dame, it always retains its shape and can not be bent. Preferred materials are veal, ostrich or alligator leather and patent leather. The Hermes’ Kelly Bag and the Queen’s handbags, which are produced by Launer in London, are the symbols of a classic handbag.

Colorful Designer Handbags 2014

In black, classic handbags look particularly elegant, but sometimes old-fashioned. A fresh color provides relief and is a cool contrast to the classic form. In the spring and summer of 2014 labels such as Saint Laurent, Gucci and Mulberry show many colorful handbags. Rosé and light blue are particularly popular, classic cream and cognac tones are also summery, but timeless.

Trendy: Bi Color, Rose And Light Blue

A Taschentrend are patterns and Bi color variants, in which the overlay has a different color than the corpus. Elegant in the Miogn Miu Miu combination Cognac white. Fendi is launching a number of handbags with graphic patterns this season – cool statement bags to simple summer outfits in white or beige. The models for the spring of 2014 from Gucci show up as a refined detail the typical bamboo handle for the brand.

How to Wear the New Handbag?

The typical handbag is worn in the hand or in the arm bend due to its short handle. This gives the wearer an adult, almost majestic appearance. On some models there is also the possibility to offer a shoulder strap, which is practical, but the bag is a little bit robbed of its femininity. This can however be quite wanted. The look for a woman’s “madamige” look of the handbag can be defused by means of a casual outfit of blouse or in combination with one of the fashionable floral dresses. In terms of size: the smaller the handbag the more aristocratic, the larger the business-suitably it seems. One thing is certain: the “Lady of the Handbags” knows every look.

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