Bethesda Confirms That The Elder Scrolls: Legends Is in Way to Smartphones and Tablets

Bethesda is well putting your feet on the Earth of the mobile with what has been Fallout Shelter, a simulator of a nuclear refuge set in their franchise’s apocalyptic world, and Bethesda Pinball, a pinball that is capable of immerse the player in the worlds of Elder Scrolls, Doom and Fallout.

This popular video game company, has its moment in the the collectible card game genre to announce that The Elder Scrols: Legends will be released in smartphones and tablets for the next few months. Another big step in Bethesda to introduce best games on mobile devices.

Android for the month of April

The news comes from the moment in which The Elder Scrolls: Legends officially out of beta on the PC version, After spending months in this stage of development for the final availability of the game in their best State.

It is now, when developers have to terminate its work on the PC version, when Bethesda announced that The Elder Scrolls: Legends will be released first to the iPad on March 23, for an Android tablet users they can play in the month of April.

We only have to know, that those who want to play this game on your smartphone, Bethesda is intended to make it available for some time in early summer.

To go everything rolled from the month of April, the period of time in which the users of Android and iOS, in their tablets, can delight with this video game, the company will publish its first major upgrade, just the 5th of this month. What is not known really when mobile users can get it.

This expansion will be called “The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood” and includes a new story, PvE content with more than 20 missions on three maps and added 40 new cards.