Blue Is the Fashion This Year

This is one of the stars of colors in 2016 and people have understood. Any survey of figures showing a blue sky as tender as trend.

If you did not know it yet, the pastel blue hue “Serenity” is indeed the color to be adopted to pile in the range of bests (his cousin “Rose Quartz”!). Dixit Pantone colorist who elects for 16 years, LA hue that will our year. The verdict is in for 2016, and we will be delighted at the idea of playing layette colors, printed in monochrome or in the summer, for a smooth look. Just like our friends the stars who already ride the trend and show all softer silhouettes and modern at once.

While J.Lo or Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow pull out all the sexy game with toilets evening graphics with perfect cutouts, Kelly Osbourne plays the downright rock to chase the next “marshmallow” of the star color.
Others are the appropriated more romantic version of modern princess with gowns while fluidity: the Duchess of Cambridge or Angelina Jolie are the perfect example. Exercise wise but definitely effective style: we love it!
We also love the more casual way with “Serenity” which also captured cute little coats, dresses or suits pants , illustrated the actress ‘s Devil’ Wears Prada, “Emily Blunt, or Diane Kruger, Carey Mulligan of the film” the Great Gatsby”. A perfect way for us to appropriate hue star in a snap!

Conquered? Get inspired chic and sweet held with our selection of stars dressed in pastel blue!