Brief Portrait #9-Obaku Denmark

This time, short portrait #9 is not devoted to a fashion label, but to a company from Denmark, which specializes in minimalist, stylish wristwatches. And if you’ve been following the blog for a while, you know that I can get used to wrist watches. Also minimalist design is one of these qualities, which I like to see objects, accessories and co. All of this combines Obaku Denmark in their products, but you will also learn about this in the short portrait.

Zen Philosophy Of Obaku Denmark

In the name of the company, I initially thought of an Asian origin, if one looks at the names of the founders, but one already realizes that the company has a different origin. Or do you think of Asians with Christian Mekkelsen and Lau Liengård Ruge?

Certainly not, the two are Danes and have already designed for Skagen, Gant, Lacoste and Kenneth Cole watches. In 2007 they started with their own brand. These can be inspired by the Zen philosophy and traditional Scandinavian design, a successful blend, as I think.

As in the beginning the name has its origin in the Asian and not in the Danish area. Thus, the two founders have borrowed the name of the third-largest school of Zen Buddhism. Very fitting, precisely with the background that the products of Obaku combines the philosophy of simplicity, which can be found both in the tradition of Western and Asian cultures, to a harmonious unity.

It is not surprising that this Zen philosophy is not only found in the company’s guiding principles, but also in its products. Thus, the Danish company’s watches can be described with slogans such as timeless design, clear lines, high product quality and user friendliness. This has certainly been discovered already, if you have looked at the photos in this post a little more closely.

Zen Philosophy Beyond Company Boundaries…

Obaku carries the philosophy a little further, in which they actively contribute to the harmony of society. For example, Obaku Denmark participates in many different fundraising campaigns with financial and material donations and is also available for honorary staff. In addition, the company is always looking for charity organizations, which can be supported by their cooperation.

One of these projects is called Bann Unrak. Instead of distributing Christmas presents to their own employees, Obaku Denmark has supported the Baan Unrak project in Thailand and will continue this support throughout the year. The project helps children who do not come to any green area through accommodation, education, education and more comprehensive programs. It is a good thing if one not only supports the company by purchasing a watch, but also indirectly helps to actively improve the lives of children.

Tell Me What Time Has Struck…

As already mentioned, the company’s minimalistic and clear approach to designing watches has inspired me. So much so that it is extremely difficult for me to choose the one that suits me the most. Honestly, it is even hard to choose the most interesting three wrist watches from their shop. Therefore there are today collages to individual watches from Obaku. You can find the most interesting copy directly on the website of Obaku.

The wristwatches of the V133G series rely on a round dial, which is only 4.7mm thick at the thickest point despite the date display and three hands. Hats off! Otherwise I like the tidy design of the watch in combination with a chic steel bracelet, which depends on the variant in different colors. Personally, I have not fixed myself on square or round watch cases, but as you will see, Obaku is the right choice for every taste.

Which is why we are already in the stark contrast to the predecessors. The wristwatches of the V134G series are square, solid and bulky, but still spray this minimalist approach. Also, the dial including indexes looks very tidy, although some more is displayed than the V133G. The time indicators of this series I would definitely let go through as business clocks and less suitable for leisure time. Naturally depends on your own style.

The V151G watches are similar to the V133G. However, differences in the dial, on the case itself and, above all, on the wristband of the watch can be seen. Thus, the V151G puts on a coarse bracelet, with individual, well-recognizable elements. For the V133G it was rather a fine-tuned bracelet. Both know how to please, right?

With the V153G we stay with round housings, but remove us from the steel bracelets and move to high quality leather bracelets. By the way most of my wrist watches come with such a thing, I prefer to wear directly on the skin. Especially in the summer these are much more comfortable to wear. Apart from that there are nine different variants of this watch series, which differ partly by the color of the dial, the case or the bracelet.

If I had to decide on a clock, or at least include these in the narrow selection, then a copy of the V169G series would certainly be there.I can imagine this in business as well as private life well. Here I am particularly impressed by the very clean, minimalist design. This is the black/silver version.

With the watches of the V175G series , we are now slowly coming to the end of the post to Obaku Denmark. These come also very tidy therefore, show on the dial then but a little more than the V169G, but are otherwise strongly. Personally, I find the previously presented V169G still a tick more handsome, but also, because I’m on a cleared dial.

Now, of course, I’m interested in whether the one watch that you liked was particularly good. If yes, which was it and if not, what do not like you at the watches of Obaku Denmark. Do you prefer watches which brand do you prefer?

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