Brother Ready with Mobile Apple Printer

The roll-out of Apple’s products has meant that the Brother is now ready with a mobile printer that supports Apple products.

The popularity of Apple’s products have been given, by both private and professional users, has now made to printer manufacturer Brother is ready with a professional mobile printer to Apple.

The new printer, Brother PJ-673, caters to representatives, consultants, vendors, rescuers, guards, or other service people who need to print from their Mac on the road.

A few years ago came the Brother with two series of mobile printers, but the new, then, is the first that works with Apple’s products.

The printer will print A4 paper in a resolution of 300 x 300 points in a speed of 6 pages per minute, and used “direct thermal” technology for printing.

You can use the printer by ordinary power, the car battery or with rechargeable batteries.

Brother PJ-673 works via WiFi or USB cable, unfortunately, is Apple’s AirPrint technology not natively.

The printer comes in trade from the month of October and will have a sales price of approximately SEK including VAT 4,999.