Cambridge Stream Magic 6 in the Test

With the Stream Magic 6 Cambridge presents an all-round player, which leaves nothing to be desired. The test shows what makes the network player to an extraordinary device.

That the Cambridge Mage in the creation of the Stream magic 6 on the genetic makeup of already showered creations such as the Sonata NP 30 as well as the DacMagic plus access, is so obvious how promising – completely new to invent doesn’t need Cambridge network player device category finally. And the British have also already sufficiently proved their competence in this product class.

And yet a simple derivative was not just with the Stream Magic 6, instead he initiates an independent evolution: he is a network player that combines a D/A-converter with high demands in a housing. From the outside looking British acts while initially inconspicuous. First, a closer inspection suggests that the developers at Cambridge by frugality wanted to know anything in terms of playback diversity nor the inner values. Modest and other others may be quiet.

Cambridge stream magic 6: Technology

Compared to the nearby so as popular combination of a simple streamers (about a Squeezebox) and a separate DAC has the StreamMagic – like any other high-quality network player – a built-in advantage: Player and converter page designed for each other and communicate virtually jitterfrei with each other – a S/PDIF connection sensitive on this point.

To make burning anything in terms of digital conversion, two high-quality WM8740 were committed by Wolfson, of which each provides a pair of signal is reflecting. This pushes not only the immunity gaps more elusive, but allows for a flawless symmetrical output via the XLR-Sockets . Also a speciality of Cambridge is the Upsampled digital filtering: the already implemented in the Wolfson and playful promptly with clock speeds of 24/192 digital filter scornful, a 32-bit DSP jazzt here by analog devices the signal with the “ATF 2” called respectable 24/384 upsampling process high.

Together with the originating in the Switzerland company of anagram technologies developed this procedure through the so-called polynomial interpolation should enable a more precise and smoother approximation to the sine wave shape of the original signal. And by the way – thanks to a special model with buffering and Reclocking packets – the dreaded jitter to make the kill. However, the DSP can do even more. Three button allow a change in the sound timbre and thus an adaptation to personal hearing sensitivity selectable variations of the digital filter. This is accomplished through filter algorithms, either group delay linearize, which optimize transient response or fall off very steep slope side above the passage band. This in itself already impressive phalanx of complex, high computing power and finest ingredients in terms of D/A conversion is flanked by a highly reputable building of the power supply and the output stages.

Cambridge stream magic 6: Connections

Then sweeping views to the rear connector Panel, more joy comes up. The local network thanks to built-in Wi-FI easily accessible for enthusiasts of wireless understatement. Optionally available are Bluetooth module BT 100, with the streaming from any Android or iOS device without sorcery is child’s play. USB hard drives or Flash drives and PC / Mac in addition to existing NAS are also uncomplicated connection – be it via network cable, normal USB or asynchronous USB input. Most gratifying, that the quality of the Wolfson converter is other equipment such as an older CD player or an Apple TV available on request.

One remains on the digital domain, he assumes also the function of a precursor to Cambridge. Symmetric and also unbalanced outputs can be connected to powered speakers or directly to power amplifiers, the volume control is carried out either the remote control or via its own app. The operation and set up is almost self explanatory and to cope with Network phobics. An excellent programmed and very good, free app called Stream Magic Remote it provides best services. (for Android and iOS). Thus for example the display of the album cover or the collection of playlists (“queues”) is so fixed and comfortable affair, that one wonders how you all those years just got out without such amenities.

So he makes Cambridge for diverse musical input – either through the Potpourri of the local network, or the numerous streaming services such as about AUPEO! or Rhapsody. Also podcasts and the whole ocean at Internet radio station cascades down from the Stream Magic 6 – even unusual preferences remain not unfulfilled. Placed at the front, the shimmering azure display offers abundant information, but is limited to alphanumeric characters. Thoughtfully constructed and solid processes, seeking the Stream Magic 6 conspicuously higher ordinations. The heavy knob is fed up with the hand and allows a prompt navigation. Compared to the already very well processed NP 30, everything appears a class again deeper and better.

Cambridge stream magic 6: hearing test

In the hearing room, the two Camridge-then joined brothers to the showdown. The great was small for “hold on” by Angus & Julia Stone, such as a deep and stable space figure has to look. The NP 30 played more superficially and with almost unbridled will, Stream Magic 6 of the notes seemed to spin a fine network that carries the music in subtle grandeur and weighs, makes them seem detached and free.

Everything sounded more sensitively, Silkier, more in depth piece of luminous into it. The rich shades in Julia stones voice he represented very plastic-intensive, but never over the bow in the analytical, but inspired by homogeneous-looking fun. Only the Linn sneaky DS for comparison was an equal opponent. Arnold Schoenberg’s “Transfigured Night op. 4 “(version for string orchestra) with its five sections a touch of dramatic, Diametric worked over the sneaky and something granted brighter colors, for example the string orchestra while Cambridge with his lighter, yet airy and sensitive style of play a peer place in the hearts of the audience won.


Cambridge is a universal and versatile device that leaves nothing to be desired and sonically advances in high regions. On the one hand delicate and fine, yet full of punch, reminiscent of the Stream Magic 6 the author on the time-honored potion called Lagavulin 16 its careless use can can lead to perception and coordination difficulties. Cambridge, however, is able to intoxicate, freed from all of the previously mentioned side effects.