Can You Wear High Heels While Pregnant

Have happened in the Center a few days ago and hit a woman with baby bump dressed to the nines and a pair of shoes that didn’t seem suited to the pregnancy. The shoes in question were at least 10 centimeters!

Moreover, even the divas have in newspapers pace brought glibly killer heels. Then I arose a question: are there any ban on infamous moms or the use of high heels as described in maternity footwear? I mean, what advise physicians?

From the second quarter onwards the belly weight forces us to stay with the pelvis forward and your back backwards. Therefore, some muscles are subject to a contraction unnatural that can inflame your nerve endings. For this reason, all doctors consider that a good balance that is achieved with a high heel from 2 to 4 centimeters. With larger sizes, 80% of the weight ends up on tiptoe causing back problems and making unstable balance.

Therefore, the heel from ten is way too good for a pregnant woman. But not even that low shot alright. The dancers, for example, moving the center of gravity too far behind increasing the curvature of the back. Even better, especially if you wear heels for a limited time as, for example, a couple of hours a day.