Car Games for Children – Great and Entertaining Travel Games for the Road

With the whole family  traveling by car to the long-awaited vacation on the sea or in the mountains is a positive experience and a wonderful time of togetherness. If the holiday destination is hundreds of kilometers away, or if you suddenly get stuck on the highway, the drive is prolonged and the children are often impatient and bored.

They begin to quarrel or quarrel. In order to mitigate the boredom right from the start, we present some entertaining car games for kids.

Car games for children – I see what you do not see

If the journey has long been a long time, it takes for the children felt a whole eternity. There are great rice games on the go, for which you do not need preparation and the little ones do without toys. To the classics among the car games for children with which the car travels faster, the game is “I see what you do not see”. Pick up an item that is visible to all present and describe it. The one who can first guess which object was meant has won.

Autogames for children – guessing colors

The color game is an alternative to the already mentioned game. Name a color of your choice and let your children discover objects in this color. Such spontaneous, entertaining car games for children, in which you have to guess something, are a pleasant change for your little ones.

To recognize words

The children like to look through the window during the car trip, collect impressions and gladly talk about what they have just seen. Let the little explorers find autocards that make up various words, such as PA-UL or MA-MA.

Make autocorrect sentences

Let your children form the letters of the license plates. The selected letter should highlight the beginning of a word. For the label STA would be a sample sentence: Simone drinks apple scorch. Such car games for children can be adapted to the age of the child. For smaller children, words such as sand, table, arms can also be searched for.

The Autokennzeichen Bingo

If you have pens and notes in the car and travel with several older children, you can play bingo. On a note, each player records 10 different numbers. A participant then mentions the license plates of the passing cars.

Great rice games – on the road with pen and paper

If a flag is mentioned, which a player has on his slip, the mark may be punctuated. Who first manages to pass through all the marks wins the game.

The placebo game

If you are just passing through a place, for example Oberhausen, ask the children to enumerate other place names starting with the same letter. All players call a place until no one thinks anything more. The game continues with the next village. In this game both children and parents have fun and your travel time to the goal is shortened.

I am packing my suitcase

This great, old-fashioned rice game requires concentration and cheers in any case. Consider an object you need on vacation and build a sentence with this word. For example, I’ll pack my suitcase and take a water ball.

Autogames for children – Easy memory games

The next player thinks another thing and adds it. The sentence “I’m packing my suitcase and taking … a water ball, a parasol” is carried away by the others in turn. The player who confuses the order or forgets a thing from the list is eliminated.

Word by word

For school children, the “word by word” game is an entertaining game, which requires fast and associative thinking and also amusing parents. One of the players calls a composite word, such as “highway”. The next one has to start with the second part of the word a new word, such as “railway track”. As a result, sentence-snakes are formed until a child no longer has a word.

Tell stories and have fun

This game is about telling funny and exciting stories. They begin with a sentence and their children then continue to tell. Each fellow traveler may always tell the story by sentence, and must name the next player, who must then add another number. Since the game in a certain sense calls for the creative thinking, usually very funny scenarios, which ensure for laughing cramps.

Fortune and concentration

Have you already had experience with extended car trips with the whole family and have learned the positive effects of the car games for children on your own? Then you are already set that this time against boredom is played and can prepare itself before departure for the next exciting game.

Adopt on car games for children

Think about the things you can do on your journey. The predictions, such as tunnels, horses on a meadow or 2 trucks behind each other, are listed on a note and rewarded with points according to the difficulty level. At the end of the journey, the player with the most points is declared a Fortune Teller.

The Letter Strainer

Another “game” for the car, which is guaranteed to have adult passports, is called “the lettering”, the specific letter stems from the words and makes the pronouncement thereby more difficult or funny. All inmates must, for example, speak without the vowel “O”.

Crazy car games for children with letters

Phrases such as “The view, the letter screen now changes, and now steals the words from the words” sound as funny as they sound or read or pronounce them.

Funny Question Games – The Yes-No Game

In order to spread a good mood during the car trip, sometimes simply a simple game is required. Try the Yes-No game, where the game manager asks questions, but answer the yes or no answer from the other players without the usual answers. If the forbidden words slip out, leave. How would you respond to the question “Do you want an ice cream?”

What happened? – solve puzzle stories

Do you want to be involved in the game and demand the attention and imagination of your children? Just tell the end of a story and let their children guess the story. They may ask questions that can only be answered with yes or no.

Fantasy challenge with games

Each player may pose questions until a question is answered with no. The next thing in the series continues until the puzzle is solved. There is a scarf and a carrot in the meadow, and no one has laid them there. What happened?

The question-answer game

A child counts quietly from AZ until the other participant calls “stop”. With the letter where it has stopped, all answers to questions about a particular topic must now begin. If the letter “M” is, for example, “where are you going?” The answer can be Munich or Münster. If a child does not have an answer immediately, another letter is selected and the next player’s turn.

Famous autospiel for children

Surely you know this game from your childrens days. A player decides for a term that has several meanings and gives valuable hints to the respective interpretability. You decide for the word “glass” and report that your tea pot is a material and a drinking vessel at the same time. The player who used the fewest signs to guess the word wins the game.

Traveling on the road – bends

Pauses and some movement can counteract the boredom and make a silly fun even in the car, provided you have nothing against it, which is quite loud and restless on the back seat and above all the driver is not disturbed thereby. When three older children sit in the rear, they can keep the tipping over long. Whenever a curve is driven, the small passengers tilt into the curve side of the vehicle and lean into the curve.

Transverse salt sticks

Small candies or other nibbles can also cheer up and bring some distraction during the ride. Most children like to eat salt sticks and especially when they are allowed to play with salt biscuits. This funny game is about turning a salt stick inserted into the mouth, as quickly as possible with the tongue, without breaking it.

Autogames for children make unexpected situations more tolerable

In the beginning, the children have a tip in the mouth and the goal is to have the other tip in the mouth at the end. And be prepared that after this crazy game one or the other salt rod will be lying on the ground. Everyone knows how annoying it is to get stuck in traffic jam. In such cases, the upcoming cleaning operation is absolutely justified.

Thread Play

Thread play is also an almost everywhere playable game play, which is suitable for all ages. It is suitable for a single player as well as for a partial game which is carried out alternately in pairs. Once the sequence of the necessary handles has been learned, the thread play fascinates the little ones and the movements are almost automatic. All you need for this great job is a one meter long, simple cord that ties you up with a tight knot.

Use existing materials for playing

There is definitely something in your car, which can be used for the thread play. With a piece of gift ribbon, a thin cord or, if need be, with longer shoe cords, different figures are formed by means of the hands, and further figures are produced by further handles, or you can go back to the original figure.

Pipe Cleaner

You would like to pack something for the upcoming journey to play, but have in the case no more free space? Obtain a piece of pipe cleaner and surprise your bored child. The light, colorful pipe cleaners can easily be bent and turned until they take the desired shape.

Creative work

A bit of fingertip feeling and creativity is in demand here and the children can make numerous figures, with which they simply simply continue to play. In addition, the small ones can also play off creatively with aluminum foil.

Against travel sickness sing

Some children get bad during the car trip. In such cases, the best way to look through the window in the direction of travel is by way of singing. Each player chooses a song, such as a movie, sings it, and the other players must guess which song it is and which name or interpreter.