Carnival Costumes – Creative and Fun Ideas for Carnivals

Carnival and Halloween, the two parties, where one boring day clothes for fancy or funny costumes can trade.Whether it’s superheroes, movie characters or popular food and drinks – there is no limit to creativity. For a striking appearance to the costumes with friends or family can match and creative group costumes for carnival magic.

Group costumes for carnival – What to consider

Before selecting the group costumes for carnival, you should first ask who is going to join your friends or family members in the same costume. The exact number of people for the group costumes plays a big role in some costumes and should not be changed. For example, two persons can not disguise themselves as The Three Musketeers or three persons like a famous couple.

Group costumes for carnival and the distribution in the group

If you have already chosen the theme of the group costumes, you should distribute the roles. Sometimes it happens that two people from the group want to disguise themselves as the same character and this can lead to conflicts. Therefore, you should be ready to compromise and quickly find a solution to the problem.

Carnival costumes for large groups

The possibilities for group costumes for the carnival are simply endless and you can choose for both popular ideas and extraordinary costumes. If it’s a group of more than ten people, then you’ll find fantasy movies and television series such as Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, or Harry Potter, perfect because they provide a lot of different cluttering options.

Disney costumes for small groups – The Ice Queen

For small groups and families with children dahingengen costumes from the Disney films are perfect. The ice queen, Alice in Wonderland and the Disney princesses and their friends are popular carnival costumes for both adults and children. Groups, which consist exclusively of family members, can dress up as famous families. Popular examples are the Addams Family, the Simpsons and the Flintstones.

Group costumes for women – Disney Princesses

Everyone knows the Disney princesses, who have won the girl’s hearts from a young age. If you are looking for an idea for carnival group costumes for you and your friends, then you can use the popular Disney movies as inspiration. Choose one princess for each of them and go to the carnival as a clique dressed up by princesses.

Simple but cool group costumes make themselves – The Minions

The best thing about carnival costumes is that they do not have to cost much. Some ideas for costumes can easily be conjured out of the usual clothes and materials, which can be a burden on your budget. A very popular yet simple idea for group costumes for the carnival are the minions. For their costumes you only need a yellow blouse and a jeans overalls, everything else can be tinkered.

Group costumes for Carnival from the magician world

The world of Harry Potter is very popular with both children and adults, and can be an inspiration for the group’s carnival costumes. No matter how big the group is, with Harry Potter costumes, the selection of characters to imitate is great.

Popular superhelden as costumes to carnival

For men, super heroic group costumes are perfect for carnival. In the last few years many films have appeared, where the most popular superheroes argue with each other or save the world together. You can choose between Batman, Spider-Man, Superman and many others and even make the costumes themselves using the characteristics of the chosen character. If there are women in the group, you can dress up as a Wonder Woman or Catwoman, for example.

Villains group costumes to carnival

If you and your friends are fans of the evil in the movies, then you can opt for group costumes from villains. The world of comics offers a variety of characters who want to dominate the world and are ready to do it all. Choose a villain whose features are the easiest to replicate.

Fancy group costumes for families – The Incredibles

If you want to go to the carnival together with your family, then there are great ideas for family costumes that make for a special appearance. The unbelievable as a motto for the family costumes is perfect for parents and children. You can either mimic the entire costumes, or just reproduce the most important parts of them.

Group costumes inspired to the carnival of films

The Hollywood films are a good source of inspiration for the group costumes for the carnival. In addition, most costumes from movies can easily be modeled with clothes you already have in a wardrobe.

A timeless classic – Grease as an inspiration for group costumes

The famous film Grease and the musical of the same name offer beautiful ideas for group costumes for carnivals. For men, jeans, white T-shirts and leather jackets are the best, and the ladies can dress themselves with dancing robes or leather pants.

Elegant group costumes for carnival

If you are not a fan of animal costumes or superheroes, then you can move into the 20th century and dress with carnival costumes. Group costumes from “The Great Gatsby” World are stylish and certainly attract a lot of attention at the carnival party.

Cool group costumes for carnival for children and adults

Creativity plays an important role in the selection of carnival costumes. For an impressive performance, you can make the costumes yourself from the very beginning. The popular video game Pac-Man is a great idea for cool group costumes. One of the group can dress up as a Pac-Man by creating his cardboard head and the other can reproduce the colorful ghosts with big eyes.

Fruit group costumes themselves

Popular fruit and vegetables is a great idea for colorful carnival costumes for groups to self-care. You can spice up monochrome dresses and make a funny fruit costume together with your friends.

Group costumes for the carnival for five women

If you urgently need an idea for group costumes for you and your girlfriends, then you can choose Hercules Muses. You can easily make their costumes out of white clothes and bedclothes or scarves and combine them with matching hairstyles. So you as a group with little effort make a great impression at the party.

Simple group costumes with wigs

The trolls are small dolls with funny, colorful hair, which for a long time were very popular with young children worldwide. For a troll as a troll you only need a simple dress in beige and a wig in flashy color. As group costumes for carnival, the trolls are suitable for small as well as for larger groups.

Creative group costumes for self-making – the four seasons

For a group of four people, creative group costumes are perfect as the four seasons for carnival. Use matching colors and motifs to match the spring, summer, autumn and winter with your costume.

Faschingskostüme with make – up for women – Geishas

Beautiful group costumes for carnival for women are often combined with makeup. Geisha costumes present a great and at the same time elegant idea for the carnival costumes. For this you need appropriate clothing, hairstyles, Japanese umbrellas and, of course, geisha makeup.

Group costumes for the carnival inspired by popular music videos

If you want to make unique carnival group costumes, you can use the music video of a favorite song as inspiration. In most video clips, the stars and the dancers wear cool costumes that you can reproduce for the carnival party.

Simple DIY group costumes to carnival – The Smurfs

However, if you do not have much time for the carnival costumes, then you should opt for a simpler panel. A great idea for carnival group costumes that do not take too much time are the Smurfs. The main features of the Smurfs are the blue skin, the white clothes and caps.

Cute group costumes for families with children

From simple jogging suits in funny colors, you can make great lucky bear chick costumes for carnival. With fabric and felt you can make your ears, bear tails and decoration for the costumes. This idea for group costumes is also perfect for families with children.

Animated films as an inspiration for group costumes for carnival

Not only children, but also adults like to dress up as popular characters from animation films. For creative group costumes the film “Everything stands head” is perfect, because the basic emotions are portrayed as human beings. Joy, grief, fear, anger and disgust provide a wonderful idea for group carnival costumes.

Carnival group costumes from popular fairy tales

For fans of classic animation films and fairy tales, carnival costumes for groups of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are perfect. For the group costumes more than seven persons are to be involved, so that the group is complete.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The costume of Snow White is a dress that you can make from a blue T-shirt and yellow tulle by yourself. The most important features of the costumes of the dwarfs are the caps, the belts and, of course, the beards. A beard can be simply made from white felt or from cotton ball and paper.

Scooby Doo and the detectives from Mystery Inc.

The dog Scooby-Doo and his friends present the group’s detectives Shaggy, Fred, Daphne and Velma with a great idea for group costumes for the carnival for five persons. If, however, you are more than 5 people, you can dress up as one of the supernatural phenomena that Mystery Inc. can solve, for example, ghosts or extraterrestrials.

Simple group costumes for carnivals for teenagers

A group of three people can use the film “Alvin and the Chipmunks” as a costume idea and recreate the three squirrels. The idea is mainly for children and teenagers and the costumes can be made of simple clothes and facial colors.

DIY carnival ideas for kids – Indians

For DIY carnival costumes you can also use materials from everyday life. With brown paper bags, for example, you can make Indian group costumes for carnival for children. Simply cut the bag as a vest and make a head of paper and feathers.

Emoji group costumes for carnival

The emojis from the social networks have become an important part of the everyday life of young people worldwide. Emoji t-shirts or masks are perfect for group costumes for carnivals, which do not take much time and still look great.